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EverQuest’s Time Locked Progression Servers Are Now Open For All


As a response to the current pandemic, Darkpaw Games is encouraging gamers to stay indoors and play more EverQuest! The game’s time-locked progression servers are now open to anyone who wishes to play in them. All TLP servers will be open except for LockJaw and Flippy (they will be merging soon). This is a temporary opportunity that will last until May 8th.

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Guild Wars 2 Masters of The Arena PvP Tournament Qualifications Begins


Qualifications have begun for Guild Wars 2‘s arena tournament called Masters of the Arena! The cross-region eSports tournament for North America and Europe is hosted by ArenaNet partner MightyTeapot. Strong PvP players are being called to participate to win incredible prizes.

Six teams from both regions will compete in 5v5 matches. All qualifying teams to compete will receive in-game gold. The top teams will receive cash prizes and rewards in-game.

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Amazon’s MMORPG ‘New World’ Shows Off “100% Real-time Combat”


Amazon Game Studios has released a new developer’s diary video for New World showcasing the game’s combat systems. The upcoming sandbox MMORPG will offer a dynamic action combat. There will be no classes. Instead, players will gain skill trees for each weapon that they choose to wield. The dev team wants the experience you get from wielding each weapon “to be so different, depending on the choice you make, that it almost feels like a class choice”.

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