Neverwinter is an MMORPG or ‘massively multiplayer online role-playing game’ set in a time when eponymous city has been plunged into chaos as a result of the disappearance of the Lord of Neverwinter. Players can play one of the eight Dungeons & Dragons character classes, all of which have action combat. Explore and defend one of the most beloved cities from the Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms campaign setting.

Neverwinter-Main Play Neverwinter
Rating: 12345 (48 ratings, average: 2.77 / 5)
Developer: Cryptic Studios
Perfect World Entertainment
Model: Free-to-play
Platform: PC, Xbox
Engine: In-house
Release Date: June 20, 2013

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Ultima Online Will Be Free-to-Play World Wide On April 5 With “Endless Journey”


The Dev Team behind the old-school MMORPG Ultima Online has announced that Ultima Online is anticipated to receive their Publish 99 update world wide on April 5, 2018 which includes the addition of the ‘Endless Journey’. ‘Endless Journey’ will replace the traditional 14 day free trial to let players experience the Ultima universe for as long they wish with some restrictions. The option to pay a monthly subscription still remains.

Shards will be brought down at 10:30am ET. We anticipate the downtime will last approximately 3 hours.

Who can play for free?

The option to play without subscription will be available to veteran accounts that have been inactive for 120 days or more and to all newly created accounts.

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SoulWorker Is Moving To Official Release With No Loss Of Game Progress


SoulWorker is leaving open beta and is headed for its full official release very soon. No game progress will be lost. While improvements to game mechanics and others have been made in response to the open testing phase, Gameforge, its publisher warns that some server problems may still pop up in the future. They are working hard on fixing bugs, exploits and text errors.

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Secret World Legends Dawn of the Morning Light Update Launches Today


Funcom has released the latest major update to Secret World Legends today called Dawn of the Morninglight. Dawn of the Morninglight is a completely free update and will be the first free story continuation update since the game went from a subscription-based model to free-to-play. Players will continue the the game’s epic main storyline and venture to South Africa. Infiltrate the New Dawn compound, fight new enemies and solve new mysteries surrounding the Morninglight cult.

The fuse is lit. Philip Marquard, leader of the Morninglight, has been making moves in a hotbed of cultist operations: New Dawn. A mysterious text was sent to your phone. It’s time to come out of the shadows and spring into action.

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Closers’ Battle Robot Tina Joins The Wolf Dogs As Latest Playable Character


The Closers roster is getting bigger! Tina joins the Wolf Dogs in their fight to rid the world of interdimensional monsters. Last month, the Closers community had a chance to vote on which character will be added to game next. By only a handful of votes, the young cyborg girl Tina won against the older gal Harpy. We’ve recently teamed up with En Masse to give away hundreds of Closers Starter packs, so grab one for yourself if you’re starting a new journey with Tina!

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Crowfall ACE Q&A for April Talks About Quality of Life and World Changes


We’re just one month over three years since Crowfall, the PvP focused MMORPG was initially crowdfunded on kickstarter and today the developers have answered development related questions and respond to feedback from their ACE dev partners. Thomas Blair (Design Lead) and Mark Halash (Senior Game Designer) go through important development information involving the game’s Eternal Kingdoms, movement speed increase when flying back to your corpse, new maps and more.

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TERA Console Launches Today – Promotes Streamers With Founders Packs Giveaways


TERA (The Exiled Realm of Arborea) is now available on Xbox and PS4. En Masse Entertainment boasts their newly released game with a brand new trailer and is actively promoting it with the involvement of Twitch, YouTube and Mixer streamers. EME is smart to take advantage of the powerful influence that streamers hold as there are very few other action MMORPGs on console that is largely streamed at this time.

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