World of Warcraft Chronicle: Volume 3 Is Available Now


For three years now, every year in March, the World of Warcraft Chronicle book series grows. World of Warcraft Chronicle: Volume 3 continues the epic saga deep into Azeroth’s history as agents of the Burning Legion devour the world and unleash a mysterious force of undeath. Follow the stories of iconic characters from the World of Warcraft universe like Jaina Proudmoore and Arthas Menethil of The Alliance, Thrall of The Horde and Illidan Stormrage as they face dreadful choices to save Azeroth and their way of life. Volume 3 is now purchasable on Amazon, Target, Jet and other book stores.

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Arcfall Will Be Free-To-Play On April 6 – Major Game Changes


Arcfall is an isometric sandbox MMORPG that currently has a purchasable pre-alpha build available on Steam. The game’s indie developers Neojac Entertainment has announced that the game will be leaving its buy-to-play model and switching to free-to-play in its next major update on April 6, 2018. Game currency will be given to Arcfall’s founders as a form of compensation.

While we’ve got other MMOs like Wild Terra giving free trials during the recent holidays, Arcfall looks to be staying with a free-to-play business model even when it leave its alpha.

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MMOPulse’s First 72 Hours – Site Report #1


We're just a bit over 72 hours into the public launch of MMOPulse and so far we've gotten amazing feedback and support from all corners of the MMORPG community. Here is my report on all that has happened with our website in that time and the changes made in lieu of your feedback.

Before we get started, I want to give special thanks to the following people/groups for significantly helping MMOPulse during our site's first three days.

Fevir - sharing MMOPulse to his community
En Masse Entertainment - first giveaway on the site (Closers)
Pai, X ツ, Samael, Dausu, Sun - high quality MMO character submissions
X ツ - large amount of feedback

Thank you to all of our readers and those that gave feedback!

Major Updates

RSS Feeds – A collection of site feeds are now listed to easily follow all or individual feeds.

New MMO Releases Page – MMO releases for 2018 and 2017 have been completed.

Sitemap – A public version of the sitemap was made available for higher SEO score.

Community Characters – Submissions have to be done through the MMOPulse Discord. On-site submissions were turned off due to high volume of submissions using up too much resources.

Upcoming MMOs Widget – Redesigned for better readability.


Adding new MMOs in MMO Releases By Month page
Updating Upcoming MMOs Calendar page with all dates
First 200 Games Indexed

Statistics (March 29 - April 1)

Page views

Unique Page Views

Average per view

New Twitter Followers

New Discord Members

New Facebook Likes


Oddly enough, a common question we’ve received is “why does the site not have any ads? How are you making any revenue?” Simply put, we don’t need them at the moment to keep everything running smoothly, so we don’t have them. I know how annoying ads can be, so MMOPulse will likely stay that way for a while unless our audience rate demands a better hosting service. I do hope that our site gains enough traction that we will eventually need ads to support costs of improving hosting plans, premium plugins and security. However, when we do bring ads to the site, they will always be minimal and never intrusive.

There have been concerns regarding little difference between MMO sections and MMORPG section. There will be clear differences when more games have been added.

Black Desert Mobile Adds New Blade Master Class aka Musa (KR)


While the global version of Black Desert Mobile is still promised to launch in 2018,  the recent launched Korean open beta has just added the latest class addition named Blade Master. Blade Master is known as Musa in the game’s PC counterpart. Blade Masters are single sword and Horn Bow wielders that fight with oriental-style martial arts. They are specialists in 1 on 1 battles.

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ArcheAge: Legends Return Update Testing Is Underway


The next massive update to ArcheAge (version 4.5) is coming very soon on April 5th and Trion Worlds, the game’s developer encourages players to participate in testing on their Public Test Server before the update is patched onto the live servers. Last week we talked about the announcement of this update and went over the main points of change like the new world bosses, dragon mounts and combat changes. Now Trion has released an extensive and lengthy patch notes for this coming 4.5 update.

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Star Wars: The Old Republic 6.0 Expansion Confirmed


During a livestream interview by Twitch and YouTube channel SWTORCentral, Eric Musco (Community Manager) and Charles Boyd (Creative Director) of Bioware confirmed the upcoming 6.0 expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic! They mentioned that a release date has already been decided, but cannot be made public as of yet. When they are ready to do so, we will be hearing about all the changes features to come to SW:TOR. This news should be enough to dismiss the rumors going around in the SW:TOR community that the game will be shutting down soon.

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Black Desert Online Adds Maewha As 12th Character (SEA)


Maewha, the female blader has made her way as the latest playable character in Black Desert Online‘s SEA version. Maewha becomes part of the roster only one week after her male counterpart, Musa was brought in. Both are sword-wielding classes that fight with oriental-styled martial arts to execute chain combos. Maewha is especially powerful in single combat situations.

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Wild Terra Is Free-To-Try Through April 3rd For European Players


In celebration of the holidays, Wild Terra, the sandbox open world multiplayer RPG is allowing all players from European regions to freely play on one of its European servers. Granted, this only allows you to try the game’s test client. You will still need to purchase the game to access the live servers and live client. During this time, a 30% discount has been made available.

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