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Recent Comments
  • Kathy Korstick: “I agree. Unfair to write a game off just because it isn’t your preferred graphic style. Gameplay is king.Dec 27, 11:06
  • Gunther: “People who care about graphics are spoiled bratsSep 14, 15:18
  • enzo: “Lineage and Lineage 2 are (alongside WOW) the foundation of mmorpg gamesApr 24, 22:54
  • Jack: “This list is about MMO’s mate.Mar 28, 02:12
  • DroidArx: “I hope they release global english version.Mar 20, 04:26
  • Michu: “When rilis seaFeb 20, 01:25
  • chichixoni: “this game is awesome the depth of the coloring and the pixel reframe is dope just need more megabytes and…Feb 12, 14:13
  • Sharifah Kamelia: “Hi um can i ask how do you change your YOME gender? I have tried many buttons and i couldn’t…Dec 22, 00:51
  • Harry: “A remake of a game that never came out…. Lol?Dec 7, 12:08
  • ihatespam: “Sadly none of these are Xianxia.Nov 28, 15:02
  • Deliligh: “archage isn’t sandbox. There is almost no real crafting and with small zones to put housing there is almost no…Nov 22, 07:52
  • matt: “I really wanted to play this game but i don’t know how to get the launcher working im having serious…Nov 1, 04:12
  • Boreal: “Really looking forward to a game that has this level of detail to game play affecting the world around you.Oct 25, 12:47
  • Irindu: “make it alreadySep 28, 02:03
  • Gunther: “This game was cancelledSep 27, 16:14
  • User: “Shit, this game died faster than Maplestory 2.Sep 11, 23:05
  • Lori Ann Hafner: “If the game is as beautiful as the video, I’d love to give it a try.Sep 11, 11:54
  • RUCKA!: “This one was of the best! Makes me remember of the Nova Core 6vs6 Battleground, that one was also a…Jul 27, 07:39
  • linkmon4O: “I love this gameJul 24, 03:02
  • Alex: “Is this still in development?Jul 16, 18:00
  • Mark: “Sadly, this game is far from being ready to launch, as the developers made major sweeping changes to the core…Jun 30, 12:08
  • Suijin: “oh god noJun 28, 06:58
  • htdrg: “What a joke of a fucking listMay 24, 12:33
  • Brian: “BDO does not have the emphasis on the roles with classes. Bdo feels like it doesn’t matter what class you…May 19, 19:03
  • Brian Silva: “You’re exactly right. I’ve yet to this day found an mmo as good as tera’s combat system. I used to…May 19, 18:57
  • Beritschar: “Hi dear mmopulse-team, the dates for New World’s release have changed. The Beta begins in July and the game will…Apr 9, 17:32
  • Abby: “what does fireboy and water girl have to do with sandbox mmos?Apr 8, 18:18
  • King Zalut: “Utter bullshit Destiny 2 is far superior than all these.Were talking about the Halo creators here.Ive playd since day 1…Apr 1, 14:32
  • truthSpeaker: “DN is spamfestFeb 8, 14:35
  • Kitozano: “Bruh BDO has the best combat hands down. Show me comparison between tera and bdo combat mechanics. I’ve also played…Feb 5, 00:27
  • gary chaky: “carrionfields mud is actually older, and still active.Feb 1, 20:56
  • Arnold Kimback: “I swear BDO is such a great game but if only they stop adding more and more p2w to it…Jan 27, 10:02
  • Azo: “Hey, whoever writes these… have a look at the game “Corepunk” and start covering it, it’s probably gonna be popular.Jan 9, 05:58
  • Onve-a-TOS-player: “i recommend you all to not play ToS MR. If it’s already failing in Steam/PC version, it’ll fail here too.…Jan 1, 06:41
  • Reaper: “im trying to download the game but nothing happens what should i doDec 28, 09:41
  • Fooshyy: “More like ThiccGuardDec 23, 11:43
  • Jason C Rodriguez: “I have to say that fireboy and watergirl 4 on hudgames is my daily dose of happiness.Nov 14, 18:31
  • Dana A Preston: “I have played fireboy and watergirl on hudgames, it’s fucking smooth there.Nov 14, 18:29
  • Eznarf: “And what is with the european Players? Can the grand update including them? Transfer the charakters and make a real…Oct 21, 07:31
  • jeremyhall2727: “i have to check this outOct 18, 13:24
  • ßesƒren: “I agree, TERA is by far the best action combat MMORPG that has an open world theme and if in…Oct 14, 02:06
  • Ellen Blake: “May I get Beta Access? Played EQ x 8 years and my guild help Sony test the numbers, so to…Oct 13, 11:54
  • Raithenoblesse: “The fact, that ESO is on this list for “best action in a mmo”, tells me imo the list is…Oct 11, 14:25
  • Drago: “Xbox only no thank you..Oct 10, 23:58
  • Harrison: “If this is the best for this year i’m sad.Sep 26, 14:30
  • Gamer: “is it released?Aug 24, 16:33
  • RandomDude: “Honestly the dev and publisher scream p2w but at the same time I love the manhua and would love to…Aug 17, 16:35
  • John Doa: “You’re seriously leaving TERA out of this??? It’s literally the GodFather of Action Combat. WTF!?Aug 16, 02:48
  • Caleb Bustamante: “Will this come out on XboxAug 10, 16:22
  • Amirite: “Game should be renamed Elin Online. They really screwed the game up by making all the new classes gender/race locked…Aug 6, 14:18
  • Omega Contagion: “I don’t think the genre is dying either. In fact in the next couple years there’s going to be a…Aug 1, 06:10
  • Imdal: “2019 is going to end and we still don’t have a release date… 🙁Jul 31, 00:02
  • Azor: “Such a shame. I’d been hoping this would make it to the West for years. I loved Dragons Dogma and…Jul 26, 09:24
  • Azor: “I wouldn’t say “dying” exactly, as the few that are still running with a decent player base (DCUO, WOW, ESO,…Jul 26, 09:22
  • KORALORE: “Mmorpg genre is dying. There’s no money in it anymore.Jul 25, 16:07
  • dmiiceuk: “You can find out more information about this skill here 25, 05:36
  • Omega Contagion: “I remember when this website first started I came here every day for the most up to date news on…Jul 24, 09:24
  • sdsada: “um dragons nest is for sure worseJul 13, 03:27
  • Valroy: “in their faq it says that theres not ip block 30, 15:13
  • Zay leeper: “How do you download on Xbox oneJun 27, 14:28
  • Ciel: “how was that obvious garbage game that shut down? lolJun 27, 01:46
  • Docdrax: “It´s not open world.Jun 26, 04:40
  • hope: “can you add guild or add friend?Jun 24, 22:22
  • Jim: “They removed the shitty game from the EU steam store. Nice going! This is how you are asking for piracy…Jun 23, 08:56
  • Mughug: “And it has a VERY NEGATIVE rating on Steam.Jun 21, 15:24
  • Grizzybehr: “Lol with Kakao at the helm it’s not worth a minute of your time.Jun 18, 21:38
  • woots: “kakao + archeage directly sound like massive P2W dump. Well… gl.Jun 18, 04:23
  • Cloak: “Buddy, MMORPGs are pretty much dead at this point. Do you see garbage gamers play these days? They’re either, “dress…Jun 14, 21:40
  • phantom: “We all just need to start a class action lawsuit against them to set an example.Jun 12, 13:15
  • ALLMMOSARETRASHED: “haahahahaha lmfaoooooooJun 11, 12:15
  • Rikersbounty: “Can she be customized to have big boobs though?Jun 9, 00:05
  • Howie: “What’s next is less and less MMORPG being developed because the companies will see that they do not last long.…Jun 9, 00:03