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Recent Comments
  • Bran Kulo: “Cosmetics system based on PvP too would be good.May 27, 17:53
  • siamesedads: “While I'm not a huge fan of PvP heavy titles, the art style alone has me interested. It would be…May 27, 08:48
  • Serty: “what do you mean? i got the confirm part when i clicked on the yellow button after the green(after it…May 27, 03:01
  • Serty: “it's just numbers.. after you press submit it shows a lot of them just copy one and paste itMay 27, 03:00
  • Serty: “it gave me the same error.. don't worry about it, if icon in desktop don't open anything then go here…May 27, 02:55
  • ViLKoL: “This is the best news ive heard in long time... But it would be outstanding if we can play it…May 26, 19:54
  • Nocht: “Thanks for sharing.May 26, 12:45
  • Nocht: “I fell asleep waiting for the queue yesterday. The day before that I had forgotten I was on queue after…May 26, 12:44
  • Ainmaima: “If only the game would be playable. Waited in the queue over 4 hours. After that couldn't get passed the…May 26, 09:53
  • Needy Boy: “i did everyday login every day choose me please!!May 25, 01:33
  • Blackbird: “Is this a bug or something it still say I got 21 entries? So you won't get any new entries?May 25, 00:24
  • Zarnot: “Thumbs up for calling it a ARPG!May 24, 23:51
  • Desi92: “Game has reached level cap. No information provided as to when the level cap will be addressed. So they introduced…May 24, 21:38
  • Nocht: “Smart!May 24, 13:06
  • Nocht: “Not a big deal for me, but my condolences to those with 2MB connection.May 24, 13:05
  • Netch: “the preload has ppl salty oh well such is lifeMay 24, 09:56
  • Dyinglight: “Good game, great combat classes are unique. But pay to progress faster maybe a problem.May 24, 07:29
  • anon: “Only thing I wish elsword would do is remove their stupid action bar paywall. Pay gated respecs is one…May 22, 19:39
  • devirukaito: “goodluck!!!May 22, 16:47
  • Mattaus: “no i kinda just applied simplified Korean keyboard to windows and typed my application answers in korean, idk if that…May 22, 00:48
  • Nocht: “Rakion.. Vietnam flashbacksMay 21, 17:07
  • Nocht: “Yep!May 21, 17:07
  • Nocht: “In an ideal world..May 21, 17:06
  • Nocht: “Did you pray to RNGesus?May 21, 17:05
  • Mattaus: “really i have applied to all 3 of the CBT's they have had so im not a pleb or newcomer…May 21, 15:22
  • SomePleb: “Well this kinda weird Japan launches a global test server which only supports japanese. Pearl Abyss should take the d*ck…May 21, 06:00
  • insaneremedy: “damn this game still exist?May 21, 01:11
  • zero: “This game is visual stunning tho a bit grindy, bu the combat and character creation is quite amazing. They did…May 20, 16:06
  • itzBT: “llooks very clunky also the terain is not even close taken into the combat doesent look good at allMay 20, 02:23
  • Naoyin: “I'm kind of getting Rakion vibes. I'm very curious to see how well KurtzPel does in the Korean market.May 19, 14:41
  • Blackbird: “Congrats and enjoy !May 18, 23:31
  • Blackbird: “I'm amazed of this improvements but I doubt we will see anything for this game for this year, perhaps in…May 18, 23:30
  • Shinox: “I'm actually salty how plebs and newcomers get invited and core fans get ditchedMay 18, 21:03
  • siamesedads: “this game keeps impressing me, especially this graphical update - it's stunning! can't wait to play it one dayMay 18, 18:47
  • Enma: “not to mention the p2w hahMay 18, 18:26
  • Nyssa: “Im still so pissed, Rev Online is really an awesome game and had lots o fun. Too bad…May 18, 18:05
  • AngelusLapsis: “That's disappointing, I was hoping it would be for every character for us altoholics, lol. Thanks!May 18, 18:03
  • Nocht: “Congrats!May 18, 17:30
  • Mattaus: “Well i got good news today, and received my Lost Ark Final CBT invite, just got done installing so cant…May 18, 17:25
  • Rowley: “The weapons you choose one for your class. I think the rest are 1 character only too.May 18, 14:04
  • VanXz: “Yay! Good luck everyone πŸ™‚ |Can't wait to jump ingame soooooon.May 18, 09:57
  • AngelusLapsis: “I am curious as to how many of these items we will have access to -- is it a one…May 17, 21:52
  • Mishi: “Neowiz changed the 199.00 pack, to 149.00May 17, 21:50
  • Nocht: “I am and thanks for participating πŸ™‚May 17, 16:28
  • Redn: “I was so disappointed when I realized it's revamp of the old DEFIANCEMay 16, 23:44
  • SpaceGecko: “Well, good luck to everyone and Nocht, if you are reading this, thanks for the opportunity.May 16, 21:27
  • SpaceGecko: “I've been playing this game for a while now and i gotta say, they make this game better with every…May 16, 21:25
  • Zhu Cheng Li: “Good luck πŸ™‚May 15, 23:25
  • Dausu: “So looking forward to playing this! Been following ALL the news~May 15, 14:53
  • Beelzebubb: “Looks fucking great!May 15, 10:08
  • Abyssil (M): “I have been waiting years for this!! Can't wait to play with my boyfriend:DMay 15, 08:41
  • insaneremedy: “Looking forward to try out this gameMay 15, 03:44
  • Loreatus: “:3May 15, 02:55
  • S4TYR4: “Thanks you!! Good luck to all of you.May 15, 00:51
  • siamesedads: “Can't wait to grind for my Scorpion Harness.May 14, 20:14
  • Nocht: “When the timer runs out on the giveaway widget which is set to do so on May 27, 12:00 AM.…May 14, 17:58
  • Nocht: “You do not have to do all of the entry options. I have made it so that nothing is mandatory.…May 14, 17:57
  • Caroline: “Thank you! When will the contest be over?May 14, 17:08
  • Nocht: “1. The game will be gifted through Steam's gifting system, so whatever restrictions it has will apply. If this method…May 14, 16:10
  • bgrjr: “Looking forward to playing this......hope it does wellMay 14, 15:40
  • Enma: “I can't wait for this game to come out! Goodluck to everyone!May 14, 13:52
  • Mattaus: “Played the korean version, then picked up the EU/NA version been playing since Beta and still am playing, has the…May 14, 11:51
  • Nocht: “IIRC Nexon's word on Astellia way back from 2017 was that they plan for a playable version in 2018, so…May 14, 11:39
  • Nocht: “Hey Bowman, I am an emissary, but these packs are not sponsored by Neowiz. πŸ™‚May 14, 11:38
  • Nocht: “The 20 year old franchise. Thanks!May 14, 11:37
  • Viola: “Goodluck everyone, see you in gameMay 14, 09:33
  • thtguy: “Decade old franchise? Lineage was released in 1997... someone at mmopulse needs to learn some basic mathMay 14, 06:57
  • Kiimse: “You dont have to. But each Entry gives you a better chance at getting the Pack. =)May 14, 02:40
  • Kiimse: “#1 Dont think there will be a Problem with this. As he probably is goona "Gift" you the game on…May 14, 02:39
  • Kiimse: “He is an Emmissary. πŸ™‚ YOu can go check out Bless Offical Website, to see the full list of Emmissarys.May 14, 02:35
  • Outie: “Hey guys, do I have to follow all those steps mentioned bellow in order to participate in this giveaway ?May 13, 23:50
  • Pimpo: “Hello, thank you for doing this giveaway, i've some questions if you can answer: 1)There is any restriction for…May 13, 23:04