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Recent Comments
  • Gamer: “is it released?Aug 24, 16:33
  • Herbert: “Easily a year out. The biggest issue I see is if they can't figure out how to port current characters…Aug 19, 02:14
  • RandomDude: “Honestly the dev and publisher scream p2w but at the same time I love the manhua and would love to…Aug 17, 16:35
  • John Doa: “You're seriously leaving TERA out of this??? It's literally the GodFather of Action Combat. WTF!?Aug 16, 02:48
  • Caleb Bustamante: “Will this come out on XboxAug 10, 16:22
  • Amirite: “Game should be renamed Elin Online. They really screwed the game up by making all the new…Aug 6, 14:18
  • Omega Contagion: “I don't think the genre is dying either. In fact in the next couple years there's going to be a…Aug 1, 06:10
  • Imdal: “2019 is going to end and we still don't have a release date... 🙁Jul 31, 00:02
  • Azor: “Such a shame. I'd been hoping this would make it to the West for years. I loved Dragons Dogma and…Jul 26, 09:24
  • Azor: “I wouldn't say "dying" exactly, as the few that are still running with a decent player base (DCUO, WOW, ESO,…Jul 26, 09:22
  • KORALORE: “Mmorpg genre is dying. There's no money in it anymore.Jul 25, 16:07
  • dmiiceuk: “You can find out more information about this skill here 25, 05:36
  • Omega Contagion: “I remember when this website first started I came here every day for the most up to date news on…Jul 24, 09:24
  • sdsada: “um dragons nest is for sure worseJul 13, 03:27
  • Valroy: “in their faq it says that theres not ip block 30, 15:13
  • Zay leeper: “How do you download on Xbox oneJun 27, 14:28
  • Ciel: “how was that obvious garbage game that shut down? lolJun 27, 01:46
  • Docdrax: “It´s not open world.Jun 26, 04:40
  • hope: “can you add guild or add friend?Jun 24, 22:22
  • Jim: “They removed the shitty game from the EU steam store. Nice going! This is how you are asking for piracy…Jun 23, 08:56
  • Mughug: “And it has a VERY NEGATIVE rating on Steam.Jun 21, 15:24
  • Grizzybehr: “Lol with Kakao at the helm it's not worth a minute of your time.Jun 18, 21:38
  • woots: “kakao + archeage directly sound like massive P2W dump. Well... gl.Jun 18, 04:23
  • Cloak: “Buddy, MMORPGs are pretty much dead at this point. Do you see garbage gamers play these days? They're either, "dress…Jun 14, 21:40
  • phantom: “We all just need to start a class action lawsuit against them to set an example.Jun 12, 13:15
  • ALLMMOSARETRASHED: “haahahahaha lmfaoooooooJun 11, 12:15
  • Rikersbounty: “Can she be customized to have big boobs though?Jun 9, 00:05
  • Howie: “What's next is less and less MMORPG being developed because the companies will see that they do not last long.…Jun 9, 00:03
  • Bleakz7: “they put on steam that the eu and na servers will be closed on 9/9Jun 8, 04:09
  • Netch: “They lied and mismanaged their shit no wonder it crashed and burned so hardJun 7, 09:27
  • Masa: “Bro calm down the african server is related to the european server its same date releasJun 4, 16:20
  • saad achak: “why always africa not here ... fril moroccoJun 1, 22:42
  • cake: “it have been releaset for a long time now in KoreaMay 31, 11:11
  • Howard Vanness: “Is it free to play? I don't remember it being release in KoreaMay 30, 22:13
  • Koldknight: “Mmorpg on Switch so you can play with others in the loo. Fantastic.May 29, 02:31
  • Rebekka: “Noo! I loved Swordsman Online!! 😭 I hope they bring the game back because literally it's one of my most…May 28, 05:12
  • Naima: “The English CBT starts on June 25, 2019. You can read more details here: 27, 13:58
  • shikne: “so need wait 99dAY for ican play? xD fMay 25, 06:34
  • Medo: “I feel the same 🙁May 24, 23:25
  • Aster: “BLESS 2.0, I'm calling it now.May 24, 20:49
  • Astu: “maybe with VPNMay 24, 17:30
  • jymrk: “thank for someone who answer my precious question and i love you in advance ive plan to buy this game…May 24, 02:58
  • jymrk: “can i play english server am i here at south korea?May 24, 02:57
  • pdawg: “ive been waiting nearly 10 fucking years for this game to come out, are they ever going to release it?…May 15, 07:26
  • Chuck: “Comunidad KurtzPel en español - KurtzPel ESP Discord para la gente de habla hispana. Somos una comunidad internacional hispanohablante. Se…May 11, 09:10
  • Koldknight: “Do you stream it?May 11, 00:09
  • Daniel Miller: “I got one, will ay tonight.May 10, 04:05
  • fhel: “why its hard to download this game!!May 5, 01:59
  • Koldking: “Yes, Peria Chrinicles game is f2p in KoreaApr 29, 23:42
  • Shayugin: “Is it free to play?Apr 26, 22:11
  • Kwahzkie: “Ill be waiting for this to come out soon!Apr 23, 10:17
  • Erza: “I want to play it in android i guest this will be a popullar game soonApr 6, 01:14
  • Netch: “But does it have horse armorApr 3, 07:43
  • Dumpster Albio: “The excuse the dev used to make this dumpster fire to go from B2P to F2P is so sad it's…Mar 23, 12:20
  • LlamaDruid: “it's not Engrish tho.Mar 19, 05:15
  • Netcfh: “engrish voice acting you sayMar 18, 21:34
  • Ernox: “Goodbye Rift PrimeMar 13, 07:23
  • Nocht: “Full release in 2019 - 12, 16:19
  • BBBBBBBB: “Is this a fucking joke? Bless?Mar 11, 08:22
  • Alice: “Tera may be a shitty shadow of what it used to be, but it still has by far the best…Mar 3, 21:29
  • Crituan: “It's lazy devs way of an excuse for "fun sandbox".Mar 2, 18:04
  • Netch: “Problem I have with alot of these mmo survival games is either you go offline and shit gets destroyed or…Mar 2, 09:42
  • Krystal: “ Is about the best longest running pvp rpg around. A must try!Feb 24, 11:21
  • Ktot: “Consoles will save this gameFeb 21, 18:41
  • name: “On top of that its a very small dev team, and the game is in early access. Sad he gives…Feb 18, 01:44
  • Ernox: “I give it six months until it shut down. Sad!!!Feb 17, 09:52
  • Wew: “Tera isn't better than any of the mmo's on this listFeb 16, 10:26
  • Friezza: “For me Aion has most beautiful world, i played Wow, Tera, Blade and Soul, Allods, Rift, Neverwinter, Black Desert, Guild…Feb 13, 23:40
  • Poe: “So agree. No Tera in the list is ludicrous.Feb 13, 17:53
  • Valeryan: “I am just waiting for EU release date ☺️Feb 8, 19:56
  • jared Eglinski: “If you are out of keys, take the the page or put it in your title. ClickbaitFeb 8, 09:36
  • Ysurone: “awesome, thank youFeb 7, 18:35