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Recent Comments
  • L2R: “Does it means this game only available in PC?Jan 12, 19:52
  • hamham: “neverwinter is action combat not tab targetingJan 3, 04:27
  • Kronthian: “Bless Online with its bait and switch...Jan 2, 17:40
  • Aut site: “Not adding TERA in the list of Best action combat MMOs, no matter if you like it or not ,…Dec 27, 13:56
  • Kman: “That's because the graphics are based off and developed by a former dev of a game called Asheron's call which…Dec 20, 12:54
  • Adam West: “Already hate the Republic versus Empire core since 5.10 release two weeks ago whoever thought to bring this boring old…Dec 18, 01:31
  • Jacob: “How did that game turn out for ya? bahahahaDec 12, 15:38
  • FATselAK: “I never win anything πŸ™Dec 8, 18:02
  • King Qwertz: “EVE just goes down the drain; after 14 years of playing it, i leave.Dec 8, 05:57
  • Joseph: “yeah, hope I win too! thanks for the event Nocht <3Dec 5, 03:47
  • Krowik: “Thanks hope I win.Dec 4, 22:30
  • Andie: “a great game with potential, but after a while the servers crashed constantly and it wasn't worth relaunching the game…Dec 3, 13:58
  • JFace: “GTX 970 minimum. Don't be trying to play a new mmo on your crappy win 97 systemNov 18, 14:44
  • Knight Warigh: “I like the fantasy style. Combo of steam, giant guns & dragons that's up my alley. When is it coming?Nov 15, 20:44
  • Temiko Salyzar: “Great list except Project Gorgan. It's shit optimized for out of date 2002 graphics. If you care about graphics at…Nov 15, 20:39
  • John: “Lol it looks like the ranger gets absolutelyt DEMOLISHED in that boss fight rofl. but it looks kinda lame, they…Nov 13, 09:25
  • Netch: “I may hAve to poke at thisNov 1, 11:23
  • noy: “pls make a low minimum requirements so we can able to play this gameOct 27, 07:06
  • Dxter: “Looks like warframe the mmorpgOct 25, 21:53
  • tray78: “how to make chinese resident ID πŸ™ I Following Your instuction but it's didn't work πŸ™ HELP ME PLEASE !!Oct 22, 06:22
  • Zhandroid: “No, they did not fk my mother. They made false promises and hype for a cash grab. Enjoy your f2p…Oct 19, 09:33
  • stephen2: “same person here, solved this issue via downloading the international QQ through my app gallery in an android device, still…Oct 16, 15:30
  • stephen: “Im having trouble with the QQ part, ive already successfully downloaded the game, but when ever i try to register…Oct 15, 18:10
  • Roger Butson: “Why did they fk your mother ,why so made ......Game is a game,if people won't to play... Let any one…Oct 12, 02:38
  • Rui: “Loving the game it's really fun and sooooooo cute =)Oct 5, 23:47
  • Son Wu Kong: “Waiting My future son play thisOct 5, 19:46
  • Son Wu Kong: “My future son can play this.Oct 5, 19:45
  • its a joke: “four month later and still no updates... and to top it all, two of the 3 games shown are actualy…Oct 5, 13:47
  • Zhandroid: “One can only hope that Neowiz goes down in a fiery death.Oct 4, 20:14
  • Kekkonen: “Will hopefully be my second job. Looks promising.Oct 3, 17:39
  • Nocht: “Corrected, thank you!Sep 26, 16:13
  • preciel: “why does this have a indie tag?Sep 26, 04:29
  • Dothrak: “Dragon Nest action combat was the bomb.Sep 24, 20:17
  • Backinmyday: “ToS art and graphics are already being stolen by tons of CN mobile games. PC MMOs are losing to to…Sep 23, 03:03
  • Backinmyday: “ROSE was great, so many memories. Too bad dupe hacks had to ruin everything in the beta and then the…Sep 23, 02:08
  • Backinmyday: “I remember being so hyped for this game back in the day while playing FlyFF. They were going to be…Sep 23, 02:04
  • Riceball Wannabe: “On the account information page where I need to input a Chinese name and Chinese ID, I can't skip the…Sep 19, 23:56
  • Netch: “Oiiii good stuffSep 19, 18:14
  • Nekuro: “Coming to the west in 2022! Cant wait.... zzzzzzSep 18, 08:00
  • qwerty: “Another fun game that will get killed due to bad macro-transaction.Sep 7, 01:40
  • qwerty: “Fun game that will get killed due to bad microtransaction. Greed always ruin it all.Sep 7, 01:40
  • stephen: “when this game releaseAug 31, 16:16
  • Tolga GΓΌl: “I was once a Founder, i purchased Ultimate Pack in Wild Busters: Heroes of Titan. When i…Aug 29, 06:53
  • sery: “FUCK MAIL.RU, another game where i only have access to the russian version. I hope a good private server comes…Aug 25, 08:18
  • Roger Butson: “LOl your showing some one with mage ,archer & melee with stealth thrown in & being op ,dam looks…Aug 23, 16:00
  • Koralius: “It says something like I have to register using some information on myself (on part 6b when I just have…Aug 12, 17:18
  • Pichamon Herault: “I think its hopeless for Eng version. They dont want to it. If they really want to do should do…Aug 11, 21:06
  • charles: “LOLAug 9, 15:58
  • FF14 lover: “still a better game than bdo with more players. watch ro reviews be higherAug 7, 23:57
  • david Owens: “lol there are some knob heads on here 6 years in the making and the game is still not ready…Aug 5, 08:22
  • Nyssa: “L..O..L...Aug 4, 09:58
  • rCheney: “Over 3 million downloads sure but how many stayed after that stupid forced autoplay button? disgusting.Aug 4, 09:28
  • Done: “Its actually a mix from Ultima Online and Shards. UO was one of the first MMORPGs out there. But I…Jul 31, 09:03
  • Swordsman fan: “Why!!! i love swordsman πŸ™Jul 27, 11:54
  • CodiciaReina: “This game sound like a copy of DP (Dragon Prophet). All the zones, the ability to mount... Hope it…Jul 26, 18:42
  • SpaceGecko: “Aaaahhhhh Nocht....ahhhhJul 25, 09:18
  • Cyan sung sun: “Now for some reason When I try to choose the server it shows these chinese letters and like a loading…Jul 24, 19:46
  • Cyan sung sun: “Nevermindd!Jul 24, 19:08
  • Cyan sung sun: “For some apparent reason i cnt put my username..Jul 24, 18:47
  • VaaN: “honestly cant waitJul 12, 08:47
  • EXtabor: “hi ,is still I can win something or this is finish ? ps.all ready playingJul 10, 06:02
  • mojojo: “When I double click the mushroom it opens a pop up that says "Missing Shortcut"Jul 6, 19:43
  • MightyMe: “I see Guns ,Mountet Combat, Steampunk. Looks Interesting.Jul 6, 10:41
  • MightyMe: “Publisher: Kakao Games i dont know the future but i call it P2WJul 6, 10:37
  • Skll: “GoodJul 3, 08:58
  • Jieun: “um midway during the install it says something like the volume released failed please check and try again. how do…Jun 29, 21:32
  • WhiteNoodle: “So I opened up the game for the first time.... "The account has been frozen,…Jun 23, 07:43
  • Casyjones: “Getting better and better...Jun 18, 16:08
  • Darudester: “MU LEGENDS is the best of this list by far. There are complaints that the graphics are a little dated…Jun 15, 21:45
  • jibil: “Korean version and now a mobile version, and still nothing on an English release...T.TJun 10, 20:18
  • Charles Harris: “Best wishes to CCP...Jun 9, 15:12
  • omarxz11: “costumes ? HAHAHAHAHA you guys must be new here and never played KOG games before like elsword , 3 low…Jun 5, 01:58