Bless Online

Bless Online (블레스) is an MMORPG or ‘massively multiplayer online role-playing game’ set in a fantasy world with two factions locked at war with each other for ultimate rule over the world they live in. The Hieron controls the northern lands and the Union controls the southern lands. Tame thousands of creatures from all across the vast lands of Bless Online.

Bless-Online-Main Play Bless Online
Rating: 12345 (155 ratings, average: 3.57 / 5)
Developer: Neowiz Bless Studio
South Korean Publisher: Neowiz Bless Studio
Russian Publisher: XP Games
Global Publisher: Neowiz Bless Studio
Model: Free-to-play
Platform: PC
Engine: Unreal Engine 3
PvP: Duels, Arenas, Battlegrounds, Open-world
PvE: Monster Hunting Quests, Dungeons, Raids, World Bosses

Bless Online Key Features

  • Two Factions at War – Choose between Hieron, the Northern Holy Empire united in defending the civilized modern world or Union, the Federation of the southern races thirsty for the supremacy over all.
  • Massive World – An enormous seamless open world offers various activities. Do not just pass by cool looking creatures in Bless. The creatures you encounter may be yours to tame as mounts or pets aiding you in your adventure. You can also challenge yourself in dungeons and mob infested fields.
  • Open World PvP – Open world PvP is integrated into progression. Some areas used for questing (around level 30 and beyond) are open to faction PvP.
  • Gorgeous Cinematic Cut-scenes – An interesting story to follow, great cinematic and musical performance.
  • Tame Anything – Almost all creatures and NPC are tamable! Tame enemies as pets, mounts and minions.


Bless Online Screenshots

Bless Online Videos

System Requirements

Bless Online System Requirements


Bless Online Races

There are ten total races in Bless Online. Eight races are playable races. The Iblis, Fedayin and Aqua Elves are not playable races yet. They are currently only found as NPC in the Bless Online world. They may be turned into playable races in the future.

 Amistad – UnionBless-Races-Union-Amistad

Aqua Elf – UnionBless-Races-Union-AquaElf

Iblis – UnionBless-Races-Union-Iblis

Pantera – UnionBless-Races-Union-Pantera

Siren – UnionBless-Races-Union-Siren

Fedayin – HieronBless-Races-Heiron-Fedayin

Habichts – HieronBless-Races-Heiron-Habichts

Sylvan Elf – HieronBless-Races-Heiron-SylvanElf

Lupus – HieronBless-Races-Heiron-Lupus

Mascu – Hieron (Mascu is playable for both factions in recent versions of Bless)Bless-Races-Heiron-Mascu


Bless Online Classes

Available to Habichts, Sylvan Elf, Amistad, Aqua Elf, Pantera and Mascu.
Available to Habichts, Lupus, Amistad, Pantera and Mascu.
Available to every race.
Available to Habichts, Sylvan Elf, Amistad, Aqua Elf and Mascu.
Available to Habichts, Sylvan Elf, Lupus, Amistad and Aqua Elf.
Available to Habichts, Sylvan Elf, Amistad, Aqua Elf and Mascu.
Available to every race.

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6 years ago

Love the breakdown of all the information all in one place. Keep it up.

6 years ago

Curious if the Aqua Elf and Sirens were mixed up when comparing race vs classes playable at launch.
Love this website.

6 years ago
Reply to 

Thanks for the clarification. Under Race tab, there lays the mixup of the Sirens vs Aqua Elves.
Joined your twitter feed 🙂

6 years ago

Bless is releasing as a Buy to Play not free to play.

5 years ago

Hey Nocht why are you not reporting on how bad Bless is? How they promised a good game and it is worst than the other versions?