Caravan Stories

Caravan Stories is a cross-platform anime-styled MMORPG or ‘massively multiplayer online role-playing game’. The game offers six playable races to choose from to traverse the cel-shaded world and battle monsters along the way. Defeat villains, capture monsters and show your might in Colosseum arena battles.

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Rating: 12345 (17 ratings, average: 3.82 / 5)
Japanese Title: キャラバンストーリーズ
Developer: Aiming Inc.
Publisher: Aiming Inc.
Development Level: Indie
Type: Cross-platform Multiplayer RPG
Model: Free-to-play
Platform: PC & Mobile Devices
PvP: Duels, Colosseum Battles
PvE: Monster Hunting, Story Quests, Dungeons, World Raids

Caravan Stories Key Features

  • Amazing visuals and music – Enjoy a world that has been crafted with visuals and music with high production value
  • Action combat – Aim at your target to fight or aid them
  • Multiple PvP options – Fight in large-scale PvP aka WvW or Team Deathmatch games
  • Story-driven progression – Follow the story of your character as you level up and gain experience


Caravan Stories Videos

Story PV

Caravan Stories News

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