Chronicles of Eidola

Chronicles of Eidola is a turn-based browser RPG or ‘role-playing game’ set in a world plagued with evil beings for players to vanquish. Team up with fellow heroes to complete quests, explore trecherous terrain and beat the monsters. The game offers turn-based combat.

Chronicles-of-Eidola-Main Play Chronicles of Eidola
Rating: 12345 (8 ratings, average: 3.63 / 5)
Developer: AMZGame
Publisher: AMZGame
Type: Browser RPG
Model: Free-to-play
Platform: PC
Release Date: April 20, 2017

Chronicles of Eidola Key Features

  • Party with others to combine your forces with other squads.
  • Turn-based combat where you control minions to fight.
  • Fight in the PvP arena to gain PvP points that can be used to purchase goods.


Chronicles of Eidola Videos

System Requirements

Chronicles of Eidola System Requirements

RAM: 512 MB
Space: 200 MB

Chronicles of Eidola News

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