Dragon Hound

Dragon Hound is a monster hunting MMORPG that is currently in development by DevCAT. Not much is known about the game at this time as it is still in development. It is set in a fantasy world where enormous vehicular mechanisms and powerful automatic weapons collide with dire-breathing beasts. Mounted on fast horses, humans fight against dragons and wyverns. The game will be only played on PC with a mobile version planned for a future release. More information will be revealed soon.

Dragon-Hound-Main In Development
Rating: 12345 (15 ratings, average: 3.73 / 5)
Developer: DevCat, Nexon
Publisher: Nexon
Type: Mounted MMORPG
Model: TBD
Engine: Unreal Engine 4
Release Date: TBD

Dragon Hound Key Features

  • Hunt giant flying dragons – Fight with cannons and large crossbows against flying beasts such as dragons and wyverns
  • High-tech mounted combat – Maneuver on horseback while shooting cannons against your enemies
  • Amazing graphics – Enjoy top-notch graphics with Nvidia’s RTX technology


Dragon Hound Screenshots

Dragon Hound Videos


Dragon Hound Classes

To Be Announced

System Requirements

Dragon Hound Minimum System Requirements

To Be Announced

Release Dates

Dragon Hound Release Dates

Dragon Hound AlphasTBDTBD
Dragon Hound BetasTBDTBD
Dragon Hound Live LaunchTBDTBD

Dragon Hound News

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