Life is Feudal: MMO

Life is Feudal: MMO is a hardcore open-world sandbox MMO or ‘massively multiplayer online game’ which allows you and thousands of others to explore a huge world. Join with others to create guilds and kingdoms, trade resources and shape the world however you like. Create towns deep underground or sculpt giant pyramids or castles in the sky!

Life-Is-Feudal-MMO-Main Play Life is Feudal: MMO
Rating: 12345 (14 ratings, average: 3.29 / 5)
Developer: Bitbox, Ltd.
Bitbox, Ltd.
Type: MMO
Model: Buy-to-play
Platform: PC
Engine: Torque Engine 3d
PvP: Full loot open-world PvP, Sieges, Guild vs. Guild
PvE: Monster Hunting Quests, Raids, Minigames
Status: Early access on Steam

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I am currently playing this game and it is as hardcore as most people say it is. Love it thou grind is real and map is huge.


As a long time Life is Feudal: Your own (the predecessor to the full mmo version) I was unsettled by the number of bugs and issues that carried over from the previous version. This game is in BETA, and it is a classic BETA, which means there are bugs and glitches.

With that being said, as the game stands now, IN BETA, I would suggest players hop in, check out the game, but wait for a more playable version before committing to the long BETA that needs to happen to bring this title up to the great potential it aspires to.

Despite the previous statement, please support this game. It is doing something different which is much needed in the mmo space. Without inventive developers like those behind Life is Feudal, mmos will stay the same.