Monkey King Online

Monkey King Online is a 2.5D browser MMORPG or ‘browser massively multiplayer online role-playing game’ set in a Wuxia-themed ancient China. The game takes many elements from the 16th century Chinese novel called Journey to the West.

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Rating: 12345 (6 ratings, average: 3.00 / 5)
Developer: Ray Media
Publisher: R2Games
Type: Browser MMORPG
Model: Free-to-play
Platform: PC
Release Date: April 14, 2014
Status: Released

Monkey King Online Key Features

  • Trigger the auto-play feature to auto-level up and auto-quest while you sit back and relax
  • Enjoy a world that is very rich in Chinese fantasy lore
  • Play with friends in challenging ranked dungeons


Monkey King Online Videos

System Requirements

Monkey King Online System Requirements

Any modern web browser.


Monkey King Online Races

Coming soon!


Monkey King Online Classes

Coming soon!

Monkey King Online News

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