Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is an upcoming fantasy MMORPG or ‘massively multiplayer online role-playing game’ that is considered by many to be the spiritual successor to the classic MMORPG EverQuest. The game will feature a PvE-focused design with separate PvP servers. The game will focus on providing challenging content for guilds and groups as well as providing content to promote social interactions.

Pantheon-Rise-of-the-Fallen-Main In Development
Hype Level: 12345 (24 ratings, average: 4.33 / 5)
Developer: Visionary Realms
Publisher: Visionary Realms
Director: Brad McQuaid, Chris Rowan, David Reitman
Model: Subscription
Platform: PC
Engine: Unity
PvP: Duels, Arenas, Open-world
PvE: Monster Hunting Quests, Dungeons, Raids, World Bosses
Status: Pre-Alpha
Release Date: TBD

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Key Features

  • Work together other players and enjoy features that emphasize communication and team-play
  • Play as one of 9 races and 12 classes
  • Acquire new magic spells or skills by finding ancient scrolls throughout the world
  • Make your mark and affect the world with dynamic events that change your surroundings


Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Videos


Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Music

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System Requirements

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen System Requirements

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Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen News

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