The Saga of Lucimia

The Saga of Lucimia is a group-based sandbox MMORPG or ‘massively multiplayer online role-playing game’ that emphasizes the foundations of classic MMOs and table-top games; working together with fellow players to achieve new feats. There are no questing hubs, mini-maps or solo-able content. There is very little hand-holding that forces players to explore the world instead of being led to the next quest with giant yellow question marks. The game offers a sandbox world, a classless skill-based system, dungeons and team-based tasks and obstacles.

The-Saga-of-Lucimia-Main In Development
Hype Level: 12345 (17 ratings, average: 3.59 / 5)
Developer: Stormhaven Studios
Publisher: Stormhaven Studios
Director: Tim Anderson
Model: Buy-to-play
Platform: PC
Engine: Unity 5
Release Date: TBD

The Saga of Lucimia Key Features

  • Group-based gameplay that pushes community gathering
  • Lore-rich story-lines of an epic adventure
  • Sandbox world where you can build a life
  • No quest hubs and zero fetch items quests
  • Classless characters


The Saga of Lucimia Videos

The Saga of Lucimia Lore Trailer
The Saga of Lucimia Early Access Footage

System Requirements

The Saga of Lucimia System Requirements

Mini-Spec Q&A

The Saga of Lucimia News

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