KurtzPel Karma Basics Guide – What Are Karmas? How Can I Get More? How Do I Upgrade? (Class/Weapon Type System)


KurtzPel: Bringer of Chaos is KoG Games’ new multiplayer brawler RPG and spiritual successor to the MMORPGs Elsword and Grand Chase. The game is primarily PvP-focused and offers a unique system called the Karma system.

This guide is a work-in-progress.

What Are Karmas?

In KurtzPel, Karmas take the place of classes or fighting types in other games. Each Karma allows the use of a unique fighting style and weapon. Before each battle, players can choose two Karmas to switch between. You will obtain your first Karma when you create your character and your other Karmas after a few hours of playing the game.

Karma List

Sword of Taliah

Sword of Taliah is a defensive melee Karma. This Karma provides the tanky melee archetype.

Karma type: Breaker (Strong defense/utility, but weak attack)
Weapons: 2-handed Greatsword
Role: Defense, Crowd Control
Advantage: High sustainability

Dance of Wind

Dance of Wind is a ranged offensive Karma with the longest range in the game. Dance of the Wind gives the Archer archetype.

Karma type: Slayer (Strong attack, but weak defense)
Weapons: Longbow & Arrows
Role: Range Offense
Advantage: Long range

Diabolic Witch

Diabolic Witch is a magical offensive Karma. Physical based Karmas suffer massive damage from this karma. This karma provides the DPS mage archetype.

Karma type: Slayer (Strong attack, but weak defense)
Weapons: Magic Staff
Role: Magic Offense
Advantage: Long range

Blazing Fist

Blazing Fist is a close combat offensive Karma. This Karma provides the fighter archetype.

Karma type: Breaker (Strong defense/utility, but weak attack)
Wields: Gauntlets
Role: Melee Offense
Advantage: Balanced

Dual Soul

Dual Soul is a close-range melee offensive Karma. This Karma provides the DPS swordsman archetype.

Weapons: Two short swords
Role: Melee Offense
Advantage: Quick Maneuverability

Dual Soul footage starts at 8:40 below.

Obtaining Karmas

All players choose their first Karma during character creation. After that, your other Karmas can be obtained with in-game currency (AP/CP) or through the Karma DLC packages on Steam ($14.99 each). Basically, you can grind for them by doing PvP or outright buy them from Steam. Once you have purchases the Karmas, you will be tasked to complete a series of quests to unlock them and allow the use of the weapon type.


Upgrading Karma and Affinity System

Each Karma can be slotted with 6 Karma Crystals (Normal Skills), 2 Unique Karma Crystals (Rage Skills), and 9~11 basic commands. Each Karma initially comes with 3 Karma Crystals (Normal Skills), and 1 Unique Karma Crystal (Rage Skill).

To obtain the other crystals, you will need to increase your Affinity with the designated NPCs for each Karma. Every time you complete a Real Time Mission, you can have a chance of meeting with an NPC inside of the mission map. You can chat with them to gain affinity! When you reach certain milestones with the NPCs, they will reward you with new gear, buffs and more.

KurtzPel-Karma-System-Affinity-NPC-Upgrade-Skills-Ethan-Lire-Marian KurtzPel-Karma-System-Affinity-NPC-Upgrade-Skills-Jin-Ensher-Crim

Karma Stat Multipliers

  • Staff: +150% Strength, +300% Agility, +250% Wisdom, +10% Spell Endurance
  • Bow: +150% Strength, +300% Agility, +250% Wisdom, +10% Physical Critical Rate
  • Fist: +250% Strength, +200% Agility/Wisdom, +5% Movement Speed, +7% Phys Critical Rate
  • Sword: +300% Strength, +200% Agility/Wisdom, +10% Action Endurance

KurtzPel is currently in Early Access and is playable via Steam by those in North America and South America as of April 30, 2019. The game will be accessible in Europe sometime in June and in Asia sometime in July.

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