MapleStory 2 China Register, Download & Install Guide (2018)


MapleStory 2 has been around in Korea for a solid three years and last year the game was also made available to download and play in China. So far, a Western release has only ever been mentioned in the past. The easiest and least requiring method to play the game right now is through the Chinese version. I re-installed CMS2 today and it seems there have been several changes to the registration and installation process. Here is the most up-to-date version of the registration, download and installation guide to play CMS2.

1. Create QQ Account

1a. Create a QQ account here. You can use most phone numbers as long as it can receive text messages.


Note 1: Take note of your QQ Number. That is used as your login to CMS2.
Note 2: You may need to change your VPN connection and/or use a different phone number, or wait 24 hours due to too many registration attempts. There have been reports of this issue occurring in the first attempt from community members.

2. Download Installer

2a. Go here and download the installer by clicking the orange mushroom block (left).


3. Download and Install the Game

3a. You will see this shortcut on your desktop or downloads folder. Double-click the shortcut to open. This will also install ‘WeGame’, which is the launcher used for CMS2. You can think of this as Tencent’s attempt at making their own version of Steam.


3b. Once the downloader is up, choose the folder you want to download the game files to.
3c. Click the blue button to begin downloading.

3c. When the game download finishes, confirmation windows will appear.

3ci. Click the left button (N).


3cii. Click the middle button (N).


3ciii. Click the middle button to accept (I). MapleStory-2-China-Register-Download-Guide-7-I-Accept

3civ. Click the middle button (N).


3cv. Click the middle button to accept (I).


3cvi. Close the installer.

4. Log In and Confirm Account

4a. This mushroom shortcut (冒险岛2) will appear on your desktop for MS2. Double click it to open the log in menu.


4b. Enter your QQ Number in the first line and your password in the second line. Press the big yellow button to log in.


5. Confirm Your Account

5a. If it is your first time logging in to CMS2, this confirmation sheet may appear after pressing the big yellow button in 4b. If this does not appear, skip to step 6.

5ai. Fill out the confirmation sheet.

  • 5ai1. The first box requires a Chinese name (google search for any Chinese name).
  • 5ai2. The second box requires a Chinese Resident ID (get one from this site:
  • 5ai3. Ignore the rest of the boxes.

Note: This confirmation window may look slightly different for you.

5aii. Click on the orange button to confirm.

5. Launch the Game

5a. The launcher will appear. Click on the green button at the bottom right corner for final patches.


5b. Click the button again when it turns bright yellow.


6. Server Selection

6a. Choose a server and click the light yellow button to confirm.

6b. Click the bright yellow button to start the game.


Note: The Queenstown (女王镇) server has the biggest population of English speaking players. You may want to choose that if you wish to possibly see and play with some Western players. There are also some English speaking players in Green River (绿水灵) which is the last option shown in the image above (6b).

If there are any corrections to be made, please share them as a comment. Thank you for reading our guide and enjoy the world of MapleStory 2!

While you wait for your download, check out MapleStory 2’s character creation.

CMS2 Character Creation:

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how long does
patching takes


I can’t install the game :c
At the end of the install process i’m getting an error message, and i don’t know why… any clue ?


I’m getting an Extraction Failed popup after the installation at 3cv. The popup says that “The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.”


nevermind i figured out what was wrong, I had the installation on another drive


But now I have a problem where I can’t type my QQ ID but i could type my QQ password.


Hello! I tried to create a qq account but they ask me to verify it by sending an sms. I do not know the “+” code to do so though. Can anyone help me please?


its your code b4 every phone number cant remeber how it called (for example im from israel and b4 every phone number there is +972)
it depends on your country


How do you actually play without being disconnected frequently?


I have downloaded it from WeGame but I’m not able to play and there is a popup saying Error Launcher installer. Can somebody help me.?


How do I fix the problem of the error “The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect?” It pops after the game installation.


i don’t think that is an issue, is just saying that your pc isn’t chinese so the directory is incorrect due to ch symbols


Em, sorry but, i don’t get the “confirm your account part” at all, i’m stuck there and i can’t enter the data right.


what do you mean? i got the confirm part when i clicked on the yellow button after the green(after it patched)


Hi I am stuck at ID bit How long is the number supposed to be should I write it with words or just numbers?
this just gives a long list of numbers


it’s just numbers.. after you press submit it shows a lot of them just copy one and paste it