Revelation Online Cutscene Points Head Costumes Guide


In Revelation Online, you can get head costumes for not skipping cut-scenes! During the yellow story line, watching certain cut-scenes will give you Story Points. Go to the Storyteller Society Shop NPC located in Fort Whetstone to redeem prizes when you have enough points.
NPC Location:


Coordinates: Fort Whetstone (-2738, 955, 224)

Purchasable head costumes:


  • A blue Moonflower Hairclip which you can obtain by using a Gold Card (requires you to watch 28 story animations).
  • A green Butterfly Hairclip which you can obtain by using a Platinum Card (requires you to watch 48 story animations).
  • White Little Devil head accessory which you can obtain by using an Ore Card (requires you to watch 68 story animations).

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