Revelation Online Guild Merchant Specialty Trade Runs Guide


Revelation Online‘s guild system requires guilds to have funding in order to afford the costs of construction and maintenance of buildings and structures within the instanced guild areas. The most efficient method of getting funding for your guild is through Specialty Trading. It is similar to trade runs in Black Desert Online and ArcheAge in a sense that you will transport specialty goods for profit.

1. Begin Your Trading Journey

1a. Your character must be level 50 or higher.

1b. Become a merchant through Nobleman Oertig in your guild base (155,-69,65) *Merchant mode deactivates if a trade is not made within 30 minutes of activation. It can be activated again in the same way.


1c. Take the Specialty Trading Quest from Nobleman Oertig. The quest is to earn 18,000 gyth notes from trade runs. This value requirement increases as guild levels up their Research.


1d. Check if you did all of this by looking at your guild menu. You will see a gold coin next to your name indicating that you are now a merchant. You will also have an alpaca and a list of specialty vendors in your quest inventory.


2. Trade Run

2a. Find a specialty vendor by looking for this icon on your world map. Vendors sell different goods depending on the area they are in. Buy goods from them to transport and sell to other areas’ vendors for higher prices.


2b. The amount of a certain type of goods that an NPC receives and sells affects how much they will pay for it.

2bi. Overstocked means the NPC has too much and will sell it for cheaper than normal rate.
2bii. Understocked means the NPC has too few and will sell it for higher than normal rate.


Note: When you have reached the quest’s traded earnings threshold, you can return to Nobleman Oertig to complete the quest. You will be rewarded guild points, Ausgyth Commerce Center reputation, and around 10% of the profit made. Around 90% will go to your guild. Specialty Trading Quest can be done up to 5 times each day.

3. Modes of Transportation

The popular method is to use auto-path and take the road. There are however faster alternatives; Sailboats and Flying Airships.


4. Mounts

4a. There are three types of mounts that can carry trade goods.

  • Single Alpaca: 16 bag slots
  • Mid-sized Cart: 24 bag slots, +30% speed
    Ausgyth Commerce Ranking: SILVER
  • Huge Cart: 30 bag slots, +30% speed
    Ausgyth Commerce Ranking: GOLD


4b. Buy carts from (Tavern Shop) Meena Kinot in the Guild Base (198, -80, 65). Carts cost guild points and require Ausgyth Commerce Center reputation rankings.


4c. Check for Ausgyth Commerce reputation here:

Character Window -> Factions -> Organization -> Ausgyth Commerce CenterRevelation-Online-Specialty-Trade-Runs-Guide-9-Commerce

4d. The mount interface allows you to use certain skills to improve the journey.

  1. Speed Increase for 30 seconds with 60 seconds cooldown.
  2. Dismount
  3. Specialty good inventory
  4. List of Specialty Vendors


5. PVP In Trade Runs

5a. Normal PK rules apply to those on alpacas and carts when doing trade runs. They can be killed. Their specialty goods will drop on the ground as a chest. Only the original owner can pick up the chest for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, it will be lootable by anyone with merchant mode and riding an alpaca or cart.


5b. Stolen goods can be turned in at any specialty vendor for small amounts of gyth notes.


That sums up what you need to know to have a good trade run. Good luck and let us know if there is anything you think should be added or changed in this guide. If you have any questions, we will try our best to help! Please visit our Recommended: Life Skills page for more games that are recommended for life skill features.

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