MMORPG/Online Gaming Slangs, Terms & Meanings

Term or AbbreviationBreakdownDefinition
1337L E E TPronounced as "leet", it is a numerical translation to the word "elite" meaning above average
2.5D2.5 DimensionsA game that is halfway between 3D and 2D
80085B O O B SA numerical translation of the word "boobs"
AAATriple AHighly popular and well-funded games are often dubbed as "AAA titles"
AFKAway From KeyboardMoving away from your keyboard signifying that you are not nearby to respond or act
AIArtificial IntelligenceBehavior by the game's code that reacts to player input
AoEArea of EffectSkills that hit or affect an area or a group of enemies/allies
ARPGAction Role Playing GameAn action-packed game that lets you play the role of a character
AttributeCharacter statistics that affect efficiency or quality such as Intelligence, Strength, Stamina, Dexterity, etc.
AvatarThe graphical representation of a player controlled character
AggroHostile enemies that have noticed a player and intend to attack
AltAlternative Character
BioBiologicalIndication of a toilet break
BRBBe Right BackLeaving for a short period of time
BotRobotAutomated characters that required little or no user intervention, typically used for illegally farming of wealth for personal gain, results in bans
BuffBuff SkillsUse of skills that can increase attributes and grant abilities
CampingStaying at a specific spot typically to hunt a specific enemy or wait for an NPC
CarebearPlayer that prefers to avoid Player vs Player combat
CCCrowd ControlSkills that stop or hinder enemies from moving or taking action, eg. stun, paralyze, freeze, sleep, confuse
CheeseExploitation of an imbalance
CritCritical HitA hit that deals significantly larger damage by percentage typically ranging from 150% to 300%
DailiesDaily Quests or MissionsAny content that may be repeated once per day
DebuffDe-BuffSpells or abilities that weaken an enemy
DKPDragon Kill PointsA system for keeping score used by guilds to fairly distribute loot
DMGDamageThe amount of damage done to reduce health
DoTDamage Over TimeSpells or abilities that deal damage over a period of time at set intervals
DPSDamage Per SecondThe amount of damage dealt to an enemy for every second
DWDon't WorryDo not panic or worry
EndgameEnd-game ContentContent only accessible after completing the early game, typically the story line
ElitistHigh level or ranking players with an openly lesser view of low level or ranking players
EXPExperienceQuantitative gain used for character levels gained upon completion of quests, missions, killing monsters
F2PFree To PlayA game that is playable without the need to purchase
FarmingThe act of repeatedly doing the same task for the accumulation of wealth or items
FTWFor The WinThe act or reason for a victory
FHFull HealthHaving the maximum amount of health
FMFull ManaHaving the maximum amount of mana
GankingThe act of overwhelming a player with a team of players
GTGGot To Go or Good To GoGot To Go means the need to leave, Good To Go means readiness
GGGood GameCongratulatory term
GrindingEarn experience by repeatedly doing the same actions
HealReplenish health
HotfixHot FixA patch applied without closing the servers down
HoTHeal Over TimeAbilities or skills that replenish health over a period of time at set intervals
HPHealth PointsA character or NPC's health
IRLIn Real LifeThe real world
INCIncomingA warning used for incoming enemies or attacks
IIRCIf I Recall CorrectlyRecalling something
KOkayAgreement or acknowledgement
KSKill StealThe act of killing an enemy that has already been attacked by others to steal the loot
KoSKill On SightTo be killed upon sight of characters or NPCs
KickTo dismiss a party, guild, raid or faction member
LeechA player who doesn't help in combat, but still gains experience or loot
LeetEliteAdvanced player
LFMLooking For MoreSignifying there is room in a party or raid, and more is needed
LFGLooking For GroupSignifying the desire to join a group
LootsThe bounties or goods from enemies or treasures
LOMLow On ManaLittle supply of mana left
LOLLaughing Out LoudUsed when something is funny or you have no better things to say
LvlLevelA character's current level
MMOMassively Multiplayer OnlineGames capable of supporting large numbers of active players on the same server
MMORPGMassively Multiplayer Online Role-playing GameGames capable of supporting large numbers of players that can interact with one another in a persistent virtual world
MobMonsterAn artificially controlled monster
ModModificationModification of game clients
MainA person's main character
MuleAn alternate character used for storing items
NerfTo reduce the power or utility of a class, race, item or ability, reference to Nerf guns
NoobNew playerNew player in a game
NPNo ProblemEverything is okay
NPCNon Player CharacterAn AI controlled character
NukeNuclearHigh-damage or "burst" spells or abilities
OMGOh My GodA surprise
OGCDOff Global CooldownAbilities with separate recast time to the global cool-down
OOMOut of ManaThe character has zero mana
OSTOriginal Sound TrackMusic original to the game
PKPlayer KillKilling of other players
PkerPlayer KillerKiller of other players
PullDrawing enemies
PlvlPower LevelLeveling another player in a fast manner
PFParty FinderThe system for automatically finding a party
PuGPick Up GroupForming a party with strangers
PvEPlayer vs EnvironmentPlayers fighting AI controlled enemies
PvPPlayer vs PlayerPlayers fighting other players
QuestTask given by a NPC to players
QueueThe waiting line to enter a game
QQCryingRepresents a person complaining or "crying" about something
RaidA large group or party of players and their companions
RektWreckedThe complete destruction of another player
RespecRe-SpecificationResetting one's abilities or stats to form a new set for a new specification
RezRessurectThe act of reviving a character
RespawnRe-SpawnReturning to life, of a character, enemy or NPC
RMTReal Money TradeTransaction made between real currency and in-game currency or items
RPGRole Playing GameA game that lets you play the role of a character
SpeedrunSpeed RunGoing through a dungeon at a fast pace
StaticA party compromised of the same players for a long period of time
SoloPlaying alone
SPSkill PointsThe number of points to be allocated to skills
StackingClustering together in anticipation of an attack
TwinkA low level character that has been geared to the teeth for its current level to gain an advantage over inexperienced and lesser geared characters
WBWelcome BackSaid upon the return of a person
WTBWant To BuyThe desire to purchase something
XpExperienceShort for experience
ZergStrategy consisting of large groups of players charging together to overwhelm a smaller group