Albion Online Heads Towards Steam – Launch Date Soon


As a PvP sandbox MMORPG and especially as one with an emphasis on grouping up with others for advantage in open-world PvP, Albion Online relies heavily on having a large player-base for many players to enjoy the game. Luckily Albion Online’s servers seem to be doing well in terms of player population despite the rough start during its initial months of release that were cause by large-scale DDOS attacks.

Now, its developers at Sandbox Interactive have announced that Albion Online is coming to Steam and that the game will be playable through Steam on PC, Mac, and Linux/SteamOS.

Why are they expanding to Steam?

Well, Steam comes with a huge array of benefits. The obvious one and likely the most appealing for players of Albion is the instant increase in player population as a result of being available in a platform that millions of gamers already have on their computers. For a game where half of your time is spent looking for fellow players to engage in PvP with, this can be a drastic gamer changer.

“Albion has been coming along nicely in the past months. The Lancelot update has been especially well-received by our community, and we feel the game is now in a great place to open it up to the broader Steam audience in order to build on the steady growth we’ve seen since the Kay update in December. Bringing in new players will not only make the world feel more alive and populated, but also allow for plenty of new economic opportunities, PvP matches, and social connections to be made.”

So.. can I even play this game?

Well, if you want to play it through Steam as soon as possible, you can follow Albion Online’s Steam page here to be alerted when it is released. The game is currently live and you can play and download it through their official site.

Albion Online recently released their third major post-release update called Lancelot Update which includes the highly requested fishing feature and quality-of-life feature additions such as guild management tools and new battle mounts as shown in the video below.


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6 years ago

This game is pure garbage…

6 years ago
Reply to  Zvala

I totally agree with you. Overpriced unfinished game!

chance sadler
chance sadler
5 years ago

wonderful game im not a fan of runescape so i didnt like it at first but once i got friends to play with daily i got hooked i caught myself devoting every waking moment to the game and im loving it.