Amazon Reveals More In-game Footage Of Open-World MMO New World In Developer Diary


To add to the hype of revealing the release date for the upcoming open world MMO New World, developer and publisher Amazon Game Studios has posted a new developer diary video. The video on YouTube talks about the development that went into New World and shows off concept art and in-game footage.

Check out the video below to see characters and environments in in the world of Aeternum. The developers also go over some important game systems such as the magic system and character progression. More dev diary videos will be released as we head towards the release of New World in May of 2020.

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3 years ago

Sadly, this game is far from being ready to launch, as the developers made major sweeping changes to the core dynamics a handful of months ago. Everyone will look the same, as there is very limited armor choices with no current plans to add cosmetic gear.
You have developers who have either never played 3 way faction warfare type of games in the past, or they simply don’t care, hence the balance and way it works currently is a complete mess.
Overall, New Worlds has changed what it wants to be several times over the past few years, and it shows. They simply lack quality experience and knowledge, and are completely out of touch with their community.