Amazon’s MMORPG ‘New World’ Shows Off “100% Real-time Combat”


Amazon Game Studios has released a new developer’s diary video for New World showcasing the game’s combat systems. The upcoming sandbox MMORPG will offer a dynamic action combat. There will be no classes. Instead, players will gain skill trees for each weapon that they choose to wield. The dev team wants the experience you get from wielding each weapon “to be so different, depending on the choice you make, that it almost feels like a class choice”.

“If you spend enough time with the combat system, you can eventually get good at all of the weapons in the game. You can change your loadout on the fly based on what you want, what your party needs at the time, what the encounter calls for. Endless customization for the user.”

Check out how the game’s combat looks now for PvE and PvP in this video.

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