Amazon’s New World MMORPG Has Apparently Begun Sending Invites For Play Testing


By the looks of it, we may be hearing more about Amazon Game Studios’ in-development sandbox MMORPG named New World in the near future. Twitter user and New Worlders Discord Admin by the name of “Lethality” has tweeted that he has been invited to Irvine this week, where Amazon Game Studios is located to play test New World.

We last heard of news regarding New World back in January when footage of supposed early concept videos from a multi-video survey by Amazon were leaked on the New World subreddit. You can check out those footage along with what we know so far about New World as a game in our overview video below.

New World is an upcoming massively multiplayer online role-playing game that is set in the colonial period of the Americas. In this version of the world, the supernatural is real. The developers describe the game in a horror-like fashion. New World is emphasized to be open ended and sand-box in nature, specifically being able to choose to live on your own or join with other players to build villages, towns and forts.

Source: Twitter

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6 years ago

Wasn’t this canceled? Everything on the sub is a year old and the preorder is gone from amazon.

6 years ago

Fuckyeahh hope and hype