Arcfall Will Be Free-To-Play On April 6 – Major Game Changes


Arcfall is an isometric sandbox MMORPG that currently has a purchasable pre-alpha build available on Steam. The game’s indie developers Neojac Entertainment has announced that the game will be leaving its buy-to-play model and switching to free-to-play in its next major update on April 6, 2018. Game currency will be given to Arcfall’s founders as a form of compensation.

While we’ve got other MMOs like Wild Terra giving free trials during the recent holidays, Arcfall looks to be staying with a free-to-play business model even when it leave its alpha.


Why the sudden switch?

Indie developers switching major game aspects is not uncommon these days, especially business models. Most times a switch to free-to-play really can’t be helped as indie games generally have less-than-average player population. The team states..

“Because it already has an item store, it will not change any of the core design but will allow more players to enjoy the game.”

Keep in mind that this change in model also comes with Arcfall’s biggest update yet. The game’s map will be expanding with 3 completely new Bioms and 3 new dungeons to explore. An EXP system was added to present the game’s lore through questing progression in a more fluent manner. Read more about the changes on the source Steam page linked below.

What is Arcfall?

Arcfall is a sandbox MMORPG based on an open fantasy world where the best items and gear around are hand-crafted and traded by players. The game offers a purely skill-based character system with no chosen classes. The game went into early access in the first half of 2017 and now looks to be on its way to full live release.


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6 years ago

Does this game have PvP?