ArcheAge Adds Reedwind Zone, Thunderwing Titan & Delphinad Ghost Ships To Fresh Start Servers


Trion Worlds has brought new ArcheAge content for players of the Fresh Start servers to conquer. Mighty foes that Legacy players have battled for years, Thunderwing Titan and Delphinad Ghost Ships will now join the Fresh Start servers. The Reedwind zone, home to the monstrous Thunderwing Titan, has also been made available to explore.

Reedwind is now available in Auroria! This zone is designed around the Crimson Watch and the fight against the Thunderwing Titan. It rotates between peace and war. Players will be able to continue to hunt Abyssal Legion monsters in hopes of upgrading their Hiram gear, as well as items to awaken this gear to Tier 2.

Thunderwing Titan (Normal & Hard) can now be fought. A premier PVE raid encounter, in which players fly with enchanted wings to chase the titan. Normal and Hard modes provide raid level drops, including a new glider, as well as raid tier weapons. To summon the Thunderwing Titan, players must compete against other factions to assemble Haje’s Tower for their faction, and the first to complete can summon the boss.

Delphinad Ghost Ships now appear on the high seas! Raid level Ghost Ships that spawn at specific times upon the seas, taking these down will provide players with Delphinad Ghost Ship Stone Slabs, which can be turned in for charcoal at Freedich Isle.

Source: ArcheAge Site

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