ArcheAge Releases The New Black Dragon World Boss And He Does Not Go Down Easy


The absolute strongest warriors in ArcheAge have a new enemy to battle in the Karkasse Ridgelands. Meseth, The Red Dragon is no longer the only massive world boss to terrorize the land and seas. ArcheAge’s latest update brings forth her brother, Ferath, The Black Dragon and he is hungry for vengeance!

The fearsome Black Dragon has a variety of skills that make him more powerful than the red dragon. Terrifying Roar locks his enemies in place and Dragon’s Meteorite sends them straight to the Nui.

To fight Ferath, you’ll have to stake him out in Karkasse Ridgelands on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays while likely fighting off the top players from opposing factions. Ferath drops some of the most powerful weapons in Erenor, so do not expect him to go down easily. Check out Cryy‘s video below for a look at a contested fight with the new Black Dragon world boss.

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