ArcheAge: Unchained Launches On September 30th, Livestream Explains What’s Different This Time


Gamigo‘s buy-to-play relaunch of ArcheAge dubbed ‘ArcheAge: Unchained‘ has been given a release date. Servers will officially open on September 30th. Many community questions have also been answered thanks to the latest Twitch livestream by Gamigo’s ArcheAge team. Founders Packs are now being offered starting at $25.99 on the official ArcheAge: Unchained site.

Unlike players of the ArcheAge legacy servers, those who want to play Unchained will need to purchase the game first. The shift in monetization comes with the removal of old features including the premium membership tokens aka. the APEX system.

Tons of major changes will be introduced to try to achieve this “non-pay-to-win” ArcheAge. Cosmetic items will be bind-on-pickup and the cash shop will only have cosmetics. Watch the video below or check out the Livestream notes from the ArcheAge Subreddit.

ArcheAge Unchained Livestream Notes 8/30 from archeage


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