ArcheAge: Unchained Prepares To Launch Tomorrow – Field of View & Korean Text Mods Officially Allowed


ArcheAge: Unchained, the proclaimed “no pay-to-win” buy-to-play iteration of one of the best sandbox MMORPG of all time is finally launching tomorrow, October 15th, at 10AM PDT for NA and 10AM UTC for EU. The release was initially meant to arrive on September 30th, but was pushed back to ensure that game mechanics will be balanced from the start.

Gamigo officially announced that the use of Field of View Mod (FOV) and Korean Text Mods “will be allowed, but not supported on the ArcheAge: Unchained environment”. FOV is a popular perspective adjusting mod that gives great PvP advantage over others in ArcheAge’s sandbox open world. Pirates can appear from anywhere in the vast seas of the game and a better field of view can mean seconds of critical battle preparations.

ArcheAge Community Manager states,

“‘Allowed’ in this case means may be used at your own risk. “Unsupported” means that we don’t guarantee their continued viability. If the FOV or Korean Text mods are used in conjunction with (or to mask) the use of illicit third party programs, standard action will be taken in accordance to our Terms of Service.”

The ArcheAge Team will be doing a special livestream on the official Gamigo Twitch channel tomorrow to celebrate the release of Unchained.

For more details and to pre-order the game, visit the official ArcheAge: Unchained site.

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