Ashes of Creation Alpha One Begins Next Month For Backers


Intrepid Studios Creative Director Steven Sharif has announced that Ashes of Creation will begin limited alpha one testing in May. Invites will be sent out in waves to the Alpha One backers of the crowd-funded MMO. Their goal is to “have the Alpha One game client ready for full testing in Fall of 2020”.

The first tests will be limited to single day sessions and progressively, over several months, evolve into weekend testing periods. To read the full letter, visit the official Ashes of Creation website. Check out the latest AoC gameplay video below.

“Finally, I am happy to announce that limited Alpha One testing will begin in May of 2020 starting with our highest level Alpha One backers from Kickstarter. This testing will include our Phoenix Initiative backers and above at first. As the game client becomes more stable during this limited testing, we will begin to introduce our Braver-of-World and above backers, and eventually our Intrepid pre-order pack holders.”

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