Ashes of Creation Shows Off New & Improved Alpha 1 Action Combat PvP Battlegrounds Gameplay


During today’s Ashes of Creation livestream on Twitch, developer and self-publisher Intrepid Studios has revealed the latest state of the game’s action combat. The video below shows the first look of melee, range and magic combat in the PvP battlegrounds. Players will be able to experience the new combat in the upcoming Alpha One. Let us know what you think of the combat footage below.

Intrepid Studios has stated that Phase One of Alpha One is expected to begin sometime in September. Over 8,500 testers will get to try out PvE and PvP scenarios like battlegrounds, city defense and castle sieges.

Aside from the flashy and improved new combat style, the livesteam revealed many new concept designs of skills, architecture, mounts, creatures, weapons and armors that are in development. CEO and Creative Director Seven Sharif has stated that important announcements in regards to Ashes of Creation and the studio will be made during the 2018 Gamescom Event (August 21 – 25, Koelnmesse, Cologne, Germany). For more information, visit the official live stream VOD on Twitch.

Source: Ashes of Creation Twitch

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Roger Butson
Roger Butson
5 years ago

LOl your showing some one with mage ,archer & melee with stealth thrown in & being op ,dam looks a bit much for one player to be able to do that much damage {{{