Black Desert Mobile Release Dates Are Planned For Q1 2019 In NA/EU & Q3 2018 In Taiwan/SEA


Pearl Abyss held their Q1 2018 earnings report conference call on May 11th and has made several announcements in regards to the future of Black Desert Mobile, the mobile rendition of the popular PC MMORPG Black Desert Online. Inven global reports that Black Desert Mobile will receive new PvP content including Conquest War and Battlefield in the coming months and is working towards the global version.

Expected Release Dates for Black Desert Mobile Per Region

Pearl Abyss plans to release the global version for iOS and Android mobile devices within a year after the initial launch of the Korean version. The game will release in Taiwan first in the 3rd quarter of 2018 (June – September) and will release in South East Asia (SEA) at or near the same date. North America and Europe will have a release in the first quarter of 2019 (January – March).

Performance Expectations

Pearl Abyss expects BDM to perform well in Taiwan, Japan and SEA as the Black Desert Online IP is already well-known as an MMORPG in those regions. North America and Europe differs because MMORPG is not a predominant genre in those regions. However Black Desert Online changes to Black Desert Mobile are being made to adapt to the Western market. All servers will be published directly by Pearl Abyss, except for China. Undoubtedly, they will still be working with Kakao Games and Redfox to promote the mobile version.

Source: Pearl Abyss Conference Call, Inven Global

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