Black Desert On PlayStation 4 Is Adding Valencia On September 25th


Pearl Abyss has announce that the vast desert of Valencia will be added to the PlayStation 4 version of Black Desert on September 25th. The new area is located east of Media and is a massive continent!

The arid lands of Valencia will bring a host of new challenges, monsters, and stories. The great Valencia content will introduce the Bashim base, a large stretch of land that is home to the Bashim, a race of Demihumans with extremely hostile tendencies. Other areas include the dangerous Cadry Ruins, Titium Valley, Basilisk Den, and many more. Visit the official Valencia content page for more details on the upcoming new locations and monsters. Get your compasses, camels, and weapons ready!

The desert comes with many challenges, and some may seem difficult or even impossible to circumvent. However we recently discovered Igor Bartalli’s Desert Journals, and have found some interesting survival tips.

  • Stay cool during the day and warm at night. Getting heat stroke or hypothermia in the desert can be a death sentence, so be sure to stock up on Purified Water for the day time and Star Anise Tea for nights. You can craft these drinks through processing.
  • Horses are not adapted to the sands of the desert, and will struggle to gain purchase when trying to walk across the desert. Instead camels are recommended when crossing the desert. Despite being slow, these animals can really carry their weight across the desert. Look to get one as soon as possible.
  • To avoid taking damage during sandstorms, you should look to find refuge in a nearby town or set up a tent and sit out the storm.
  • Due to the desert containing very few landmarks, navigation does not work in the desert. Look to get a compass to see the map, or make sure that you line yourself up correctly with your target destination.
  • Stay on your toes. Dangerous monsters reside in the desert, and only the strongest and bravest adventurers can challenge them.
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