Black Desert On Xbox One Releases New Character Class & Kamasylvia Region


Black Desert on Xbox One has just launched a large content update which introduces the new Archer class and the new Kamasylvia region. The new class utilizes a main crossbow and Greatbow and freely switches between them to deal devastating and agile blows. Kamasylvia is a place of lush forests and vast grasslands. It is also the birthplace of the elven race.

The Watchers of the Roots make their way to Black Desert. With the Kamasylvia update, the Archer will be available to create and play. Unlike other characters, the Archer comes with his awakening weapon readily available, and can effortlessly switch between them early on.

In celebration of the update, those with Xbox Live Gold will be able to play Black Desert for free from August 15th to August 18th. Bundles are also being offered for up to 50% off during this time. For more details, visit the official Patch Notes page.

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