Black Desert Online Adds Maewha As 12th Character (SEA)


Maewha, the female blader has made her way as the latest playable character in Black Desert Online‘s SEA version. Maewha becomes part of the roster only one week after her male counterpart, Musa was brought in. Both are sword-wielding classes that fight with oriental-styled martial arts to execute chain combos. Maewha is especially powerful in single combat situations.

Pearl Abyss is on a roll with releasing Musa/Maewha. Just days ago, Black Desert Mobile, the mobile counterpart of Black Desert Online released their version of Musa (Blade Master) as well.

To celebrate her entry, Pearl Abyss is providing level up rewards like EXP Elixirs and Elion’s Tears to those starting with Maewha. Find out more on the Maewha level up event page.


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