Black Desert Online Japan Will Open A Global Test Server (No IP Restrictions By Country)


Black Desert Online has a knack for IP restrictive region-based servers and now the Japanese version is breaking the habit by what seems to be a low-key invitation for the world’s Black Desert Online fans. A Twitter user by the name of mellopachi has tweeted a picture of an announcement slide for a non-IP restricted test server for the Japanese version of Black Desert Online.

This is from Black Desert Online’s 3rd Anniversary Party that took place on May 20, 2018 at the Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa (Tokyo, Japan). Extracted from the announcement image, we also know that players will receive a certain level of equipment that is prepared in advance to assist in testing, the pearl shop will be disabled, only Japanese language is supported and a bulletin board will be opened for posting feedback.

My rough translation of the announcement slide:

  • グロ-バルテストサーバー(Global Lab)- Global Test Server
  • 国別のIP制限がない – There will be no IP restrictions by country
  • ブレイ後,意見を投稿できる掲示板を開設 – We will open a bulletin board to post opinions and feedback
  • 現在実装ていされるコンテンツについては日本語サポート – The game content will be in Japanese, support for player issues will be in Japanese language
  • パール商店利用不可 – The pearl shop will be unavailable
  • 事前に用意されている一定水準の装備で自由にプレイ可能 – When starting out, a certain level of equipment will be prepared in advance for participants

Source: BDO Sub-reddit, Twitter

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5 years ago

Well this kinda weird Japan launches a global test server which only supports japanese. Pearl Abyss should take the d*ck out of there asses and actually make a real global test server with english as main language.