Black Desert Online Releases Drieghan Zone Update & Celebrates 10,000,000 Registered Users With EXP Events


The latest major content update to Black Desert Online named Drieghan is finally live. Players can explore the new Drieghan zone where they can face the new dragon world boss, fight for nodes, and complete hundreds of new and challenging quests. The name of the dragon world boss is Garmoth, and slaying him grants a player with his horn that can be traded for a much smaller pet dragon called Young Crimson Dragon. For more information on obtaining the adorable winged creature, visit the official guide.

Starting today, Pearl Abyss has activate part 3 of celebratory events in celebration of reaching over 10,000,000 registered BDO users. Players can obtain Blessed Message Scrolls (100 min.) until November 28th and a 1000% Combat EXP Boost will take place from November 23rd to November 25th. Boss drops are also doubled until December 5th. For more information, visit the official Black Desert Online site.

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