Black Desert Online Reveals 2018 Global Costume Design Contest Winner


Last month, fans and players from all across the globe had a chance to vote on the Global Top 10 designs for Black Desert Online‘s Costume Design Contest. The top #1 spot is claimed by an entry from Thailand called “JUNGLE TERROR” for the Berserker character.

The artist behind the entry will be receiving the grand-prize of  $10,000 USD. Their design will also be made into an actual in-game costume in the Black Desert universe in the future. Of course, the developers will not take the exact design of the winning artist and make alterations to fit Black Desert’s aesthetics.

The other #1 spots for each region (Regional Winners) will each receive a smaller cash prize of $3,000 USD. Check out the top 10 entries as listed by their vote counts here. Personally, I was rooting for the North American entry which took the spot of second place, only 1.2% behind the grand winner.

 Source: Costume Contest winners page

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Roscoe Keller
Roscoe Keller
6 years ago

If I had to rank ’em –

1. North America
2. Europe
3. Russia
4. Korea
5. Japan
6. South East Asia
7. South America
8. Thailand
9. Taiwan / Hong Kong / Macao
10. Turkey / MENA

6 years ago

why the hell they don’t have a striker costume :(((( I’m so sad……