Black Desert Online’s New Shai Support Class Is Now Live


The small, but bold new Shai class is finally playable in Black Desert Online. Equipped with her giant boomerang, Shai supports her teammates in battle and fights from a distance. Shai is the 18th and first true support class to be added in the popular fantasy MMORPG.

“The Shai excels at supporting her allies on the battlefield. While she fights enemies using her Florang, a giant boomerang, she supports her allies using a magical ‘Vitclari’. With this magical light, she can provide healing and other beneficial effects in a very versatile way, making her a unique addition that is surely gonna bring a shift in the currently popular PvP and PvE strategies of Black Desert Online.”

Shai is accompanied by a handful of new ‘Shai Release Events’ that will reward players with Event cosmetics, Gold Bars, consumables and more. For more details, visit the Shai Release Events page.

From June 19th to July 3rd, players can also submit their Shai character customizations via the Beauty Album feature to join the Customize & Win event. 16 winners (8 for each region, NA & EU) will be chosen to receive the rewards below.

Whimsical Alchemist Classic Set

Merv’s Palette (30 Days)

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