Blade & Soul Eternal Night Update Is Live With New Dungeons & Events


Blade & Soul‘s latest update titled Eternal Night is now live as of today and it brings new raid dungeons with it!

The new 12-man raid, Nightfall Sanctuary Part 1 throws players in with the Celestial Emperor’s automaton guardians. Players must complete The Emperor’s Tomb – Chapter 5 to partake in stopping Chol Mugo from gaining more strength and power.

The new 6-man Heroic Dungeon, Sandstorm Temple requires players to have finished Act 8 Chapter 20: Restorations before dashing in to help Brothery Hunmyung and Sondan stop the madman Brother Rukesh and his fanatic followers from fleeing and unleashing horrors into the world.

Read more about the new Blade & Soul: Eternal Night content and the haldful of bountiful events that will accompany this new update on the game’s official site.

Source: Blade & Soul Site

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