Blade and Soul Fire and Blood Update To Launch On March 21


Blade and Soul is set for another update, “Blade and Soul: Fire and Blood” on March 21st. There is a decent amount of content in this update such as two new dungeons, a new raid and the addition of the Lyn as the available race for the Gunslinger class. It’s great to see the Lyn race finally able to play with guns. Many in the Blade and Soul community have requested it for some time even before the release of the “Rise of the Gunslinger” update back in September of last year.

“Two tremendous forces are out for revenge: a sacred beast has been consumed by Dark Chi and is preparing to unleash a torrent of fire, and a former ally seeks out the power to decimate an entire empire.”

What will be in it?

  • Koldrak’s Lair – Koldrak is breaking free from his prison and threatens to unleash an inferno that will consume the Earthen Realm
  • Emperor’s Tomb – Pursue Chol Mugo and Blackram Marauders in the Emperor’s Tomb
  • Ransacked Treasury – Defeat Dokgom and the bullish automation Vahad
  • Lyn Gunslinger – Finally dual-wield pistols as a Lyn Gunslinger
  • Legend Mode – Become Jinsoyun, Master Hong, Poharan, or Yunsang, and enter the arena to combat against other players and their master of choice
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