Blade & Soul Will Add New Warden Class In Warden’s Fury Update On September 12th


The next major content update for Blade & Soul called Warden’s Fury will arrive on September 12th. Warden’s Fury will include the new playable class called Warden, the continuation of the epic story arc (Act 9: Cruel Reunion) and the ancient slimy pirate dungeon called The Shadowmoor.

Players with registered accounts before today will each be given a Wandering Swordsman Pack when the class arrives next month. The pack include items to help in the leveling process such as XP Charm, Weapon Chest and cosmetics. For more information, visit the official Blade & Soul site.

Protect Your Allies

Engage Guardian Stance to shield your fellow warriors from enemy attacks. Utilize your skills to neutralize your opponent and keep your friends alive.

Seek Vengeance

Enter the Frenzied Stance to deal massive amounts of damage to any who stand in your way. Wildly and recklessly swing your Greatsword with no regard for your own life.

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