Blade & Soul’s Empyrean Shadows Update Will Bring KFM & Blade Master Third Class Specializations


NCSoft has announced the upcoming arrival of a large content update to the martial arts themed action MMORPG Blade & Soul titled Empyrean Shadows. This update will have players working together with New Masters in the Empyrean Citadel to thwart Mushin’s evil plans in Act 10 of the game’s epic story.

Kung Fu Masters and Blade Masters will rejoice as new class specializations become available for them. Kung Fu Master’s third class specialization will have you “tear through your opponents as you transform into one of three ferocious wolf forms or beat them into submission with a mighty gauntlet of iron”. Blade Master’s third specialization will let you “hone the power of the Divine Realm to sharpen your blades”.

“The Empyrean Citadel has been corrupted by the Dark Chi of the former Prince Sobu. Bearing an immutable grudge and seeking judgment against those who wronged him, the Citadel has been turned into nightmarish realm of necromancy where the dead have risen, and the ghosts of the past seek salvation. Can you stop the cursed prince before his evil spreads?”

Players will also be able to earn some rewards with the new Fishing System. Grab some bait and plan a trip with your guild-mates to the nearest fishing grounds to see what you can catch.

Visit the official Blade & Soul site for more details.

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