Bless Online Addresses Concerns With An Open Letter, Anti-PvP Cloak Is a Hoax


Bless Online is set to release on May 30th and Neowiz’s announcements regarding the founder’s packs and game access have been hot topics for fans to mull over. Bless Online Community Manager Penta the Panther has written an open letter to address concerns throughout the fast-growing Bless Online community and to clarify some misinformation.

Unfortunately, the prevalent concerns regarding the cash shop, founder’s packs and in-game content were not addressed in this open letter. However, Cheshire, also a Bless Online Community Manager has stated on the Bless Online official Discord that they “hope to have more details about what is in the cash shop to share soon” and details on exactly what “premium membership and premium customer service” are.

What is addressed in this Open Letter?

Penta shares that their choices of emissaries were based not only on who is familiar with the Bless Online world, but also on who could open up new fields of viewers and followers for the game. More emissaries are planned to be added in the future. He also confirms that the Anti-PvP cloak that was humorously rumored to be an emissary-only item does not exist. Penta gently reminds players that their moderators are not to be taken lightly and that we can expect to see more open letters in regards to other topics soon.

You can read up on the Bless Online community’s responses to this open letter on the Bless sub-reddit.

Dear Community – an open letter from r/Bless

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