Bless Online Confirmed Founder’s Packs & Base Game Prices – Early Access Release Date Set For May 30th


Neowiz has finally broken their silence in regards to the release date of the early access and founders packs of Bless Online. The game’s Early Access on Steam will be playable on May 30th at 10:00 AM PDT. There are three tiers of Founder’s Packs available as we found previously that are priced at $39.99 for the Standard Edition, $69.99 for the Deluxe Edition and a whopping $199.99 for the largest pack, the Collector’s Edition. Each of these packs will include the base game and and those who purchase any of the Founder’s Packs will receive a two day head start that will start on May 28th 10:00 AM PDT.

On top of this, we also now know that the base price for Bless Online’s early access will be $29.99 (prices may vary per country). All of these prices and items included are confirmed by information given in the Bless Online press conference that occurred today in San Francisco, California.

Founder’s Packs Content

Base Price: $29.99

  Standard Edition


Deluxe Edition


Collector’s Edition


Basic Game  Advanced Access (two days head start) Advanced Access (two days head start)  Advanced Access (two days head start)

+ One gift copy of Bless Online

Benefits Credits title “The Founder”

Premium customer service

Twinkling wing effect

Premium Membership 30 Days 60 Days 90 Days
Lumena 2450 Lumena 3800 Lumena
Exclusive Skin Exclusive Mount Skin

Exclusive Pet Skin

Exclusive Mount Skin

Exclusive Pet Skin

Exclusive Costume Skin

Exclusive Weapon Skin

The page that initially announced the release date and founder’s packs became public for roughly 20 minutes before it was taken down, which was more than enough for players to save the page and spread the much anticipated news like wildfire. So far, the initial response of the MMORPG community in regards to the Founder’s Packs appears to be shock and disbelief. The article states that Early Access will only be the beginning of Bless Online’s Journey and that they plan to provide monthly updates that will change certain systems and introduce new content.

This announcement raises a lot of new questions and require further explanation. For example, in the $200 package, there is a perk called “Premium Customer Service”. Does this entail prioritized support tickets? Who knows?

Source: Bless Online Press Event in San Francisco, Bless Online Site

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the price for the 2 day head start is kinda bonkers 10 usd for 2 days early… bleh


2 days does seem sort’a pointless but the 10$ really is paying for the 30 days of premium membership


That brings up an even odder portion of this. if i buy the base game i dont get a months worth of time for it… what the heck?


the 30 days of membership is not required to play the game – simply buying the base at EA launch on the 30th will allow you to play Bless infinitely

the premium membership is to gain cosmetic and convenience items


see that is where i didnt catch on the membership is just for (premium) items… kinda hope they post whats gonna be in the shop before people get all butthurt about premium


I’m fine with the two lower tiers but the price of the CE….shouldn’t it be more like 6k Lumena? 😀 I was planning to buy the most expensive one, but it just lacks content for this price.


The $200 founders pack includes an additional copy of the game with the same benefits as the “Standard Edition” Founders pack.


Looks good and nothing really unexpected. I’ll be interested to find out what extras the premium sub offers.


premium membership is the “big deal” here that everyone (including me) is concerned


Not really happy to read “Premium Membership”. This game could die so quickly even just for this.


Good thing i decided not to buy games before i get to play test them, that’s how i avoided the no man sky disaster, unless they gona make it free with no pay 2 win model bless online and neowiz can go fk themselves before they see my money. Companies need to learn from digital extremes, warframe is 100% free and i love that game so much i throw 300$ monthly at it just because it’s that good. This game is just going to be another dead archage… it’s sad really, greedy companies kill games with massive potential just for a little extra cash at the beginning


charging people beyond 10$ for a F2P game like this is beyond unacceptable , they act like their game worth AAA pricing but in reality its just like any other Korean MMO .. except worse and badly optimized


Neowiz changed the 199.00 pack, to 149.00