Bless Online Begins Early Access With Large Population & Level Up Rewards – Future Content Announced


Bless Online has finally opened its gates to Western players with the start of the Founder’s headstart for the early access. Neowiz initially launched the game on Steam with one server for each region and both of which took just a bit less than 30 minutes to be completely full. To combat the queue, additional servers were quickly added for both North American and European regions.

As is typical for an MMORPG launch, Bless Online has started a set of Level Up Events to reward players for progressing their characters. For every 10 levels, players will receive Support Boxes that contain Collecting Bags, Baguettes, Taming Scrolls, Peace Declarations, Lumena (premium currency) and other consumables. You can read more details about the events on the official site.

Bless Online has also kindly shared a v1.0.0 Early Access Release Spec Notes that players can use as a beginner’s guide. The notes take a general look at important features such as the taming system, the combat system, the crafting system, the skill system and the marketplace. Full lists of available dungeons and combat classes are also included. You can read the very helpful Spec Notes on the official Steam news page.

Sungjin Ko, Executive Producer of Bless Online has also made statements about the contents and changes that players can expect in the coming months.

“Early Access is only the beginning, and a variety of features and content will be updated in the future. We plan to provide content updates every month, with a large-scale update every 3 months.

Our players can except the following content in future updates:

  • New classes
  • New dungeons
  • New battlefields
  • World events
  • Field bosses and raids
  • Improved guild systems
  • New hunting grounds, quests, and character growth areas”

Interested in the gameplay, but can’t play during the head-start? Check out Cryy‘s Bless Online livestream.

Source: Bless Online Site

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5 years ago

The little I have played is fun, promising. Hoping the latency problems are fixed soon.