BLESS Online Japan Is Shutting Down & Global Steam Version Is Still Performing Poorly


Neowiz‘s BLESS Management Team has announced that the Japanese version of BLESS will shut down on August 8th, 2019. The game lasted for nearly two years in the region since its launch on November 2nd, 2017. Member registration will be disabled on July 10th.

The developers state that they have minimized content updates to be able to focus on improving the game’s performance and gameplay. However, they conclude that further development will not bring satisfactory updates.

The performance of Bless Online’s Global version on Steam is still very poor with an average of 209 players in the last 30 days and similar numbers for the past five months. There was a slight increase in players in November 2018 due to the game’s switch from buy-to-play to free-to-play. Nevertheless, no momentum was gained and Bless Online quickly lost those players. With the game heading towards less than 200 average players, we may see Bless Online Global’s service ending soon as well.

[Comment from the developers] G-Translate
We started the service in Japan from November 2nd, 2017, 
and we made an effort to be able to reflect various opinions of everyone in Japan, but that it did not meet the expectation I feel a lot. 

So far, 
we have been focusing on minimizing content updates and improving issues to provide a better playing environment . We have been working on improving the game 
while conducting game evaluation within the development team and in close consultation with GameOn, 
but it 
is difficult to update at a level that will satisfy you in the current development situation. I made a decision. 

As a result of careful consideration by the development team, it was very disappointing, but I 
decided to make a painful decision to end the service. 
sincerely apologize to everyone who has supported BLESS, from the bottom of our heart.

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4 years ago

They lied and mismanaged their shit no wonder it crashed and burned so hard

4 years ago

they put on steam that the eu and na servers will be closed on 9/9