Bless Online New Combat Previews Released For All Classes – Ranger, Guardian, Mage, Berserker, Paladin


Bless Online is getting closer and closer to its Steam beta in May and now Neowiz has shared the current state of the combat for each class that will be playable in the initial Steam version. Familiarize yourself with all of the different combat styles by watching gameplay previews and reading the combat details for Guardian, Ranger, Berserker, Mage and Paladin. Keep in mind that the preview videos were taken in a development environment and does not reflect the final version (e.g. names might differ).

While a specific date has not been mentioned yet for Bless Online’s first Steam beta, many speculate that an announcement will be made for it during Bless Online’s press event that will occur on May 11th in San Francisco, California. It can’t be much later than that anyway, so it’s quite a likely scenario.

Update: The videos are now accessible on Bless’ Pmang YouTube channel.

Mage Class Combat

Details About Mage Combat & Changes

“With boom and a bang, the mage has the ability to leave a dramatically powerful impression on their enemies with masterful control of the elements. Mages use stance skills to acquire fire, ice, and air elements and can acquire bonus effects by consuming elements through using certain skills. These additional effects differ per stance and per the element of the skill, they are being applied to. To add an extra layer of depth to the mage class, the mage was redesigned so that players must carefully consider the situation when using the obtained additional effects.”

Guardian Class Combat

Details About Guardian Combat & Changes

“Guardians in Bless are known to be brilliant strategic commanders who protect both their allies and the front lines. How do they do this you ask? Well, they need to be brave. Every time a guardian uses a combo, they gain bravery (a resource like mana). Once a guardian’s bravery meter is full, players can change their stance to activate the [Enhance] effect. When [Enhance] is activated, a guardian receives additional effects to help them eliminate their enemies and climb to victory.

However being a guardian requires skill specifically, the skill to use the [Enhance] effects before they wear off, as failing to do so results in debuffs being applied. As such, how well a player utilizes [Enhance] is key to their guardian’s success in combat. On the other hand, if you ever find yourself against a guardian in battle, make sure to prevent them from receiving any additional benefits from [Enhance]!”

Berserker Class Combat

Details About Berserker Combat & Changes

“The Berserker has a couple of ways to approach a fight. Depending on what stance they are in, the effect [Blood Leech] or the effect [Bleed] will be activated. [Blood Leech] is, as its name hints, a defense-focused effect that reduces the damage received by recovering a portion of health from the total inflicted damage. [Bleed], on the other hand, is a high risk/high reward effect that consumes a set amount of health per use to increase the amount of damage inflicted on the enemy.

When we were redesigning the berserker class, one of our goals was to make it so players could take any stance depending on their preference or situation. In other words, we wanted to make the berserker a class that could go with any playstyle. As a result, we developed 3 concepts for the class: Deadly, Defensive, and Balanced. In addition, we planned to make it so berserkers who take the Defensive concept path could become sub-tankers if they so choose.”

Paladin Class Combat

Details About Paladin Combat & Changes

“When all hope seems lost, fear not! The paladin is here! The third skill of a combo in each of the paladin’s stances is a buff, and by changing the buff used, paladins can function either as a damage dealer or a healer. Although the paladin has fewer combo types than other classes, it requires more tactical skill as choosing the right combo for the situation is extremely important.

Let’s say that your party is in dire need of your healing powers, but you barely have any mana left. Do you go ahead and increase your healing powers despite low mana levels? Or do you activate your mana recharging skills instead? To master the paladin class you need to be able to quickly understand the combat situation as well as be proficient in using combos.”

Ranger Class Combat

Details About Ranger Combat & Changes

“Rangers are quietly and thoroughly lethal. Quite literally, no one will see them coming. However, after they draw back their bowstring that is focused with ever increasing intensity on their target, the ranger will announce their presence with a swift arrow.

With the ranger class, it is possible to deal great damage or acquire beneficial effects in combat as you increase your prudence resource and minimize your movement. The way to use the prudence resource mostly lies in stance switches, and making this mechanic work well in combat was the main goal for the ranger’s redesign process. “

Quick Analysis

It looks like Paladin, Mage and Berserker received the most notable changes, but all classes seem to have had their cast times, mobility or recovery time in-between attacks tweaked to some degree. Comparing the current gameplay above to the existing Korean and Japanese versions, it looks like Neowiz has made decent progress with the theme of changes they promised for Bless Online which is to make the combat more fast-paced.

On top of this, combat UI has been improved to look more modern and so that special skills that are ready to be used can be easily seen. As much as it has improved, the question now is: Will we be able to move the UI?

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Source: Dev Talk #4

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5 years ago

Doesnt look too bad ill probably check this mmo out seeing as there’s a lack of good mmorpgs atm

5 years ago

im liking these previews quite a bit! honestly, between this, MapleStory 2, Dauntless, new FFXIV patch, and the new Fortnite season, May is looking to be rather fun

5 years ago

I want the Mystic! Hope we don’t have to wait too long for it to be added to the NA/EU version.

5 years ago

all videos are not available.