Bless Online Promises Arena PvP & New Dungeons In 1-2 Weeks – Influx Of Community Uproar & Refunds Over Missing Content


Neowiz, the developer and publisher of the recently launched Steam version of Bless Online is dealing with a crazy turn of events and community uproar. Pitch forks are being raised as players make their way to the end-game content of the current build.

Lag issues and poor server and graphic optimizations are common concerns raised by those who have played the Early Access. On top of this, as players reach the current max level (level 45), they are quick to find out that much of the end-game content that defines Bless Online’s gameplay has yet to be implemented or are very incomplete. That includes the PvP Ranking system, arenas, battlegrounds, Skill Gem acquisition, Royal Quests, Honor Quests and the popular PvP map called Basel Canyon. Granted, Neowiz did state that some of these features will be added in future updates in an old FAQ.

To make matters worse, players have also pointed out that an item duplication bug is active and is causing havoc to the game’s economy. The bug was apparently well-known in previous versions of the game and players are astounded that it managed to slip into the Steam version.

Reddit user Trix122 has posted a list of concerned end-game content on the Bless Online sub-reddit.

  • No Arenas or battlegrounds.
  • No PVP Ranking system or ranking rewards.
  • Honor point acquisition is broken.
  • Basel canyon (main pvp map) is empty, no mobs.
  • SLEVELS (for unlocking last 2 stances and trait points) are not implemented, can’t progress past 45.
  • Skill Gem acquisition is broken
  • No migra turris hard mode (or whatever name they gave it in our version)
  • Two ”end game” dungeons with exactly same gear score
  • End game dungeons are not dropping any end game gear (?) -Carthh
  • No royal quest
  • No honor quest
  • No daily dungeon

Neowiz promptly sent out an apology and update letter written by Bless Online Executive Producer, Sungjin Ko that addresses much of the current game issues. The letter states that solving the connection, login, and server crash issues from the large influx of players is their “top priority”. Lag issues have also been addressed with an upgrade in database system/storage that was implemented in an urgent maintenance, but players have reported that there is no noticeable difference in terms of server lag. In regards to the missing end-game content that many players expected, Neowiz states that “additions like the 15v15 PVP and new high-level dungeons will be added in 1-2 weeks’ time, with more to come soon after.”

A notice has been published stating that as a result of server instability, Neowiz is granting all Bless Online Founders players as of May 30th (00:00 AM PDT) with 2,450 Lumena. This will be rewarded in order on May 31st and will appear in the Account Inbox window.

Players have reported that Valve has approved their refund requests for Bless Online even after Steam’s usual two-hour window.

Source: Apology Letter, Compensation, Bless Online Sub-reddit

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5 years ago

Fuck dude, this game runs like dogshit, after you get into the lvl 25+- areas fps drops even lower to mid 30 in the open world, this game has failed first and for most due to its optimization, and they learned nothing 3 times over.