Bless Online Q&A Says No Client Pre-Download & Founder’s Skins Are Character Bound


The Bless Online Team has posted a brief Q&A on the official Bless Online Facebook page that reveals information on the game’s upcoming early access and Founder’s Packs. There will be no pre-download before the game is live for Founders on May 28th.

There will be one server for each region that will offer multiple channels. (NA: 3 channels, EU: 2 channels) This is subject to change. The exclusive skins in the Founder’s Packs will be bound to whichever character you claim them with.

For those of you that are uncertain and waiting until the last day, Neowiz assures that the Founder’s Packs will be purchasable on May 28th. You can participate in our Bless Online Founder’s Pack giveaway for a chance to play during the Founder’s head-start.

“❓: Is it possible to purchase a Founder’s Pack on May 28th without the base game (which will be available on May 30th)?
: Yes. The Founder’s Pack will include the base game and it can be immediately played upon purchase.

: Will Bless have 3 NA and 2 EU servers or channels? Is it 3 servers or 1 server with 3 channels for NA?
:There will be two regions at the beginning of EA: NA and EU. The number of servers in each region is subject to change.

: Which name will be included in the credits: my Steam username or the name of my first character?
: The player’s Steam profile name will appear in the credits.

: Clarification regarding the Founder’s Pack’s exclusive skins.
: The exclusive skins will be bound to the character that received them.

: Can we pre-download the game before May 28th?
: No! Pre-download will not be supported.”

Source: Bless Online Facebook Page

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6 years ago

the preload has ppl salty oh well such is life