Bless Online Q&A Shows Founder’s Packs Exclusive Skins & Reduced Founder’s Pack Price


To play the Steam version of Bless Online as soon as possible on May 28th, you will need access to the head-start that can only be obtained by purchasing a Founder’s Pack. Last week, the prices for the three different Founder’s Packs were revealed to be $40 for the Standard edition, $70 for the Deluxe Edition and a whopping $200 for the Collector’s Edition. Many in the Bless Online community had complained that the biggest package was overpriced and now Neowiz has announced that the Collector’s Pack will now be sold for $150 (149.99 to be exact) instead of the original $200. The controversial “Premium Customer Service” that came with this Collector’s Pack will no longer be included as a direct response to user feedback.

The have also shared screenshots of the exclusive skins that will be included in the Deluxe Edition and Collector’s Edition packs. All of the skins will only have cosmetic functions and will not have any secondary effects. They are also un-tradable and cannot be dismantled.

Deluxe Edition – Exclusive Mount Skin, Exclusive Pet Skin
Collector’s Edition – Exclusive Mount Skin, Exclusive Pet Skin, Exclusive Costume Skin, Exclusive Weapon Skin

Q&A In Regards to the Early Access Version of the Game

“How does pricing work in different countries with different currencies?

Prices for different countries and currencies are set and individually, and won’t necessarily be equivalent to the USD price.


What is included in the founder’s packs?

We want more information on the founder’s packs.

Founder’s packs will include the Bless Online base game, exclusive skins, premium membership, Lumena, and other benefits.
The content of all the founder’s packs include the base game, and purchasers can expect around a 31-33% discount from what the price would be if all the components were purchased individually.

Is the premium membership subscription based? What are the benefits?

Premium membership is not a subscription based product. Premium membership can help increase efficiency or provide an effect that will, for a limited amount of time, reduce the costs of convenience related fees.

As anyone with the base game can enjoy all of Bless’ content without restriction, premium membership can be see as an option for those who want a more convenient gameplay experience. As we are aware of your concerns regarding P2W, there will be no items that can directly enhance characters or items.


The following are details regarding premium membership. They are applied to all characters in a region within the specified time period. (exception: skins may only belong to one character)

  • Premium mount skin (Black Wind Caligo)
  • Premium pet skin (Enchanting Loroshi)
  • Reduces NPC equipment repair fee by 30%
  • Reduces Wyvern usage fee by 50%
    : Players can travel to any area within Bless by paying the Wyvern manager (located in each village/city) gold for Wyvern transportation.
  • Pickaxe: This premium pickaxe used for Gathering provides unlimited  usage within the designated time period, whereas the regular pickaxe has an limited number of uses.
  • Gathering Bag: This premium bag used for Gathering provides unlimited  usage within the designated time period, whereas the regular gathering bag has an limited number of uses.
  • Acquires 20% more hunting experience points
    : Increased amount of experience points earned through hunting monsters.
  • Acquires 20% more Dungeon points
    : Increased amount of dungeon points earned through playing dungeons.
  • Adds 20% hunting gold bonus
    : Increased amount of gold earned through hunting monsters.
  • Allows 5 more items to be registered on the market
    : Increased amount of items registerable on the market.
  • Reduces market tax by 10%
    : Reduced market tax rate.
  • Increases daily activity point exchange amount by 20%
    : The amount of exchanges allowed per day within the in-game system, Exchange Office, is increased. The Exchange Office is an in-game feature where players can exchange a specific amount of their dungeon and combat points (earned through in-game activities) into Lumena. It is exchangeable regardless of whether you purchase the premium membership or not. The Lumena that one obtains through exchanges is an in-game currency with which players can purchase a variety of items in the store.


Premium mount/pet skins are characteristic appearance skins included only in the premium membership. As they are cosmetics, purchasers will not obtain any secondary benefit from its usage (They are also untradeable and cannot be dismantled).


What do the exclusive skins look like? Do they have any secondary effects?

We now present to you the founder’s packs’ exclusive skins!
Skins will only have cosmetic functions and will not have any secondary effects that can be obtained through its usage(they are also untradable and cannot be dismantled).

A weapon skin matching the class of the receiving character will be given(for example, if the item is received by a guardian character, a single-handed sword and shield will be given).

So about that Collector’s Edition…
Tell us more about things such as the credits title and gift copy.

Credits Title: “The Founder”
This feature allows for the purchaser’s name to appear in Neowiz’s Bless Online credits list under the section titled “The Founder.” Purchasers can find their names by clicking on “Credit” in the game lobby screen upon the official release of the game.


How can we use the gift copy included in the Collector’s Edition?
Does the recipient also get a 2 day head start?

The gift copy is a feature that allows you to gift a friend with a base game code (delivered to the purchaser’s Steam inventory). There is no head start included in the base game code as that is only a benefit provided to founder’s pack purchasers.


Can you gift components of the collector’s edition to a friend?

Purchasers of the Collector’s Edition will receive a game code that can be gifted to  a friend. However, game items from the pack cannot be gifted.


What is premium customer service?
Does that mean that you won’t be assisting normal players? 

Premium customer service was a feature designed for purchasers of the collector’s edition to receive exceptional support. However, as a direct response to user feedback, the Bless Team has decided to remove this feature and provide service to all our users equally regardless of the pack or game that they purchased.


Premium customer service has been removed from the list of benefits.


The price of the Collector’s Edition though…

As explained above, the founder’s packs contain things such as exclusive skins, Lumena, and additional products that are non-P2W. However, we have received user feedback that the Collector’s Edition is overly expensive. As a result, the Bless Team has decided to adjust the price from $199.99 to $149.99 so that the pack is more accessible for all.

The Founder’s Pack – Collector’s Edition will be sold at $149.99 instead of $199.99. (We will adjust previous price announcements to state the new price of $149.99)


Regarding the Early Access Version of the Game

What are the benefits of being in a guild?

Depending on the guild’s influence, there are special items that guild members can buy. It is also one of the few ways to obtain flying mounts.


What can players gain by doing faction PvP? 

A: By dueling within your faction, or engaging in PvP with the opposition faction, players can gain combat points. Using combat points (activity points), players can buy items at the special currency shop.


Is there any plan for a non-PvP server? If not, why? 

No! As Bless has both PvP and PvE content, players can play the game however they like without needing to have separate servers.


Is there a PvP avoidance item? If yes, what are the details and how can we get it? 

Yes! There is. Before reaching the max level (45) players can use gold to purchase Peace Declaration item, and the effect will last for around 20 minutes. After reaching max level, players can use Lumena to purchase the Peace Pledge item instead.


Will there be a dungeon re-set item? 

Although they do exist, we do not plan to sell it for cash.


Do costumes (mount, pet, equipment, and weapons skins) have any secondary effects?

No, they are just skins. Costumes released in the future will also only be skins and nothing more. They also cannot be dismantled, meaning players cannot obtain enhancement items by dismantling costumes.

Will there be Player to Player trading?

No there will not. Aside from the in-game auction house, there is no feature that allows player-to-player trading as we do not want a black market.


What are the plans for updates like?

Is there playable content accessible by purchasing additional DLC?
Will DLC be added when there are new class updates (e.g. assassin)? 

We do not expect purchasers to buy DLC as we have no plans to sell updated content as DLC. For example, content updates that will include the assassin and mystic will be able to be fully enjoyed just with the purchase of the base game.


How often can updates be expected?

Although we plan to update the game every month, big updates can be expected around every 3 months. For example, we plan to add the assassin class for the first big update. Afterward, new classes, level increases, and new battlefield content can be expected in similarly sized updates.”


Source: Bless Online Site

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5 years ago

I am curious as to how many of these items we will have access to — is it a one off type deal where only one character gets the items? Or do all of your characters get everything from the collector’s pack? As far as the weapons — do we get them all or do we have to choose? So many unanswered questions still!

I am glad they reduced the collector’s edition price a bit and removed the pesky “Premium Customer Service” bit, makes it feel a little bit better.

What does everyone else think? And can anyone answer whether or not it’s a one time per account type of deal or if it’s all account wide? Thanks! c:

5 years ago
Reply to  AngelusLapsis

The weapons you choose one for your class. I think the rest are 1 character only too.

5 years ago
Reply to  Rowley

That’s disappointing, I was hoping it would be for every character for us altoholics, lol. Thanks!