Bless Online Releases Class Combat Before/After & Cinematic Teasers


During the Bless Online press event in San Francisco on May 11th, the release date of the early access of Bless Online on Steam was finally revealed to be on May 30th with a 2 day head-start for Founder’s Pack purchasers. The event showed two new trailers to those who attended which were broadcasted on Twitch by several streamers. Neowiz has posted the two trailers on the Bless Online YouTube channel to be viewable to all in HD instead of low resolution Twitch VODs.

Bless Awakens is a cinematic trailer about the two warring nations of Union and Hieron. The second video shows samples of the combat for each of the classes that will initially be playable in Bless Online’s early access. While an explanation to why the new combat system is better than the old would have been a great pair to the Before & After video, there are obvious changes in the new combat such as a cleaner combat UI, lower cooldown durations and faster casting/animation.

Check out our previous post to see longer videos showcasing the new combat of all of the initial Bless Online classes (Berserker, Paladin, Ranger, Mage and Guardian).

Source: Bless Online YouTube Channel

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