Bless Online Shares Siege Of Castra Details – 70 Vs 70 Instanced PvP


Neowiz has shared a preview of the next big PvP content coming soon to Bless Online called Siege of Castra. Siege of Castra is a large-scale 70 vs 70 faction PvP battle that all players over level 25 can participate in. Players begin in their respective faction’s military headquarters with one primary goal of defeating the opposing team’s faction commander who is located in their opponents’ military headquarters.

Infiltrating a base will not be easy and failure to eliminate the opposing faction’s commander will result in a tie. Neowiz states that “the key to victory is to adapt a unified yet swift attack tactic through forming a raid party and appointing a leader who will lead the faction.”

The 30 minute long battle occurs in an instanced arena with two strongholds in opposite ends and three lanes that connect one stronghold to the other. Strategic advantage can be gained by taking control of specific points on the map such as the Purifying Tree in the middle road, the Guardian Stone at the left and right paths and Defensive Equipment in each military base.


The battle has a ranking system that is determined by activity points. Players can also earn medals by completing achievements within the map. The final rewards will be determined by the players’ earned medals and total activity points scored.


Reward for playing the Siege of Castra once

  • If victory is achieved (the player’s faction successfully eliminated the enemy commander): 400 Combat Points, 100 Quest Performance Points
  • If the war ends in a tie/defeat (the player’s faction failed to eliminate the enemy commander, or their own commander was eliminated): 150 Combat Points, 35 Quest Performance Points

Siege of Castra Quest Completion Reward

  • 700 Combat Points, 30 Crystallized Magical Power

Source: Press Release

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